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I’d never heard of fan fiction until recently. Fan fiction is a story created using the characters or settings from another person’s book. The work isn’t generally authorised by the author, or the publisher, and the person writing it mustn’t publish the fan fiction to make money from it. Not that most fan fiction writers would want to. It’s something they do for fun and to share with other fans of the original work.

At first I didn’t get it. Why would you want to write about other people’s characters when you can make up your own? Β If I’m honest, I also felt slightly threatened by it. Did I want people giving my characters new adventures – what if my character liked their new story better than the one I’d written them?

Then I read a book called Fangiril by Rainbow Rowell. It’s about an identical twin called Cath who’s extremely shy and writes fan fiction to escape from the real world.


And suddenly I got it. Cath helped me to understand the fan fiction bug. Now, if Β anyone writes some fan fiction for one of my characters I’ll be flattered and thrilled.

How do you feel about fan fiction? Do you write it? Has anyone written it for you?

Fan Fiction by Rainbow Rowell is published by Macmillan Children’s Books and is aimed at older readers.


9 thoughts on “Fan Fiction

  1. Hi, I love writing and reading fanfiction, and I kind of thing all writers should be happy to have fanfic written using their characters. If someone empathises enough with your characters to take them to a whole new level then that proves how good your writing is-and helps younger writers develop theirs. Most writers are in their teens, so still developing a writing style which means all the experience they can get is really important. Most websites do make you put a disclaimer on saying you don’t own the characters, don’t worry! You should try reading some, is the best website, initiate yourselves into the world of headcanons, otp’s andso much more!

    Dylan x

  2. Fanfiction is a fun way to engage with the characters and world of books you enjoy, and to connect with other fans! I really enjoy both writing and reading it, as Dylan said it’s a good way to develop your style and to explore fictional worlds. I particularly enjoy Harry Potter fanfiction – there’s so much to explore there, whether it’s the Marauders or the next generation of characters. It’s an exciting area to explore – there’s a lot out there! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jenny,

      I was amazed to find how much fan fiction there is on-line. I’ve really been missing out. I’m definitely a fan fiction convert now.

      Have you read Fangirl? It’s brilliant.

  3. Hi Dylan,

    You make some excellent points here. Thanks for the web address. There are so many fan fic sites so it was it’s great to have your recommendation. Some of the fan fiction I’ve seen is really impressive. And now I know what otp is πŸ˜‰

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