On My Desk (art materials and a painted rock)

I LOVE art stuff, don’t you? I can think of nothing more enjoyable than an hour or two spent in my local art shop, rummaging through stacks of handmade watercolour paper and those huge packs of felt tip pens. I’ve accumulated quite a lot of posh art stuff over the years (I HAVE been doing it a very long time) like boxes and boxes of coloured pencils, stupidly expensive sable brushes and bottles of exotic inks. I have finger-thick charcoal wrapped in tissue paper. I have graphite sticks that shimmer like frosted steel. I have tiny foil-wrapped blocks of expensive watercolour that look like boiled sweets. But my favourite items aren’t posh at all. They are the ones I use every day, the things right beside me on my desk, the things I can’t live without.

There are the basics – pencils, pens and rubbers…


Then there’s my propelling pencil (actually, I have five!)


Every drawing must be ‘inked’ and these are what I use for ‘inking’…


After inking the computer takes over. Sadly, I don’t often have the time to paint my illustrations anymore and all my posh art stuff – paint, ink, pens, pastels, chalks, brushes etc. – is now tucked away in drawers and cupboards. But there are four other items on my desk that I consider ‘essential equipment’. Each holds a special memory and they make me smile every day…

20140410-100801.jpgSmiling is more valuable to me than any sable brush.

Do you love art stuff like me? What makes you smile?

4 thoughts on “On My Desk (art materials and a painted rock)

  1. What is the purpose of a propelling pencil? I’ve always wondered what the point is (sorry!) and why anyone would use it over a good old HB?

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