My Imaginary Friends

I’m not married and I don’t have children. There is a joke, often* told by my family, about my single-dom (which they seem to find amusing). When I mention how I enjoy living alone in my small and snug cottage, just big enough for one, they will say ‘but you don’t live alone, you have three ‘flat’ mates.’ Ha, ha, it makes me laugh every time… not! These are the ‘flat’ mates to which they refer…

flat mates…life-size cardboard cut-outs of the girls from my first three books, Scarlett, Ember and Verity. Luckily, they don’t make as much mess or take up as much space as three real flat mates because they are… eh-hem, flat and made of cardboard!

They don’t eat much either, which is a bonus.

If you ignore the lame joke (which I do) I suppose my family are correct. I do share my tiny cottage. I share it with all my characters not just the ‘flat’ mates! I may live alone but I’m never lonely. This month I thought you might like to meet some new ones. I’m working on lots of different projects at the same time so, right now, my house is feeling a little crowded.

There are characters I’m developing for a website in Northumberland…

Nora biked…and a ‘sparky’ project with GHBs very own Jo Cotterill…

electric hair-raising(incredibly excited about this one)

…AND illustrating a gorgeous story for another GHBer, Karen McCombie, called ‘The Girl with the Sunshine Smile’…


…except she’s not smiling in this one!

(coming out in October, so watch this space)

And then there’s my own book project for 8-11 year-olds…

strange in spaceWho do you share your world with? And are they real or imaginary?

* Like, every two minutes! Approximately.

8 thoughts on “My Imaginary Friends

  1. My characters come with me wherever I go! And I’d much rather spend my days with them than anyone really 😀 I like to think I live in a fantasy world with made up people than the boring real world. 😛 xx

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