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Monster Trouble!

swamp thing

On Saturday I went to Santa Pod Raceway where there were loads of events and fun stuff going on. The thing I was looking forward to the most were the Monster Trucks. I just love them! They have great names like Swamp Thing and Podzilla. They have huge wheels and they drive over lines of tiddly-looking cars, crushing them as they go. What’s not to love! The extra fantastic thing about this show was that it didn’t go to plan. First Swamp Thing drove over the cars and the crowd cheered. Next Podzilla came along, driving even higher and ending up completely stuck on top of the cars!


Here’s Podzilla in the distance, still stuck there. The Monster Truck sat on top of those cars for about half an hour before they managed to pull it off with a forklift truck. It was hugely entertaining, but I also felt a bit sorry for the guy driving the truck. If it was me I’d have felt a bit silly.

But things do have a habit of going wrong in life. And when they do, we have a choice. Do we go and hide somewhere? No one likes looking silly in front of other people. Hiding away would be so easy to do.

stunt bike


One of the other events at Santa Pod was these stunt bikes. These guys were flying over the ramps and through the air and making it all look easy. They were happy to risk falling off in front of the crowd. (They all wore helmets BTW) Watching them, I could picture it clearly. The sick sensation as you fall. The jolt. The pain. Lying in the dirt with the bike wheels spinning.

If one of them had fallen off though, I bet they wouldn’t have gone to hide. I bet they’d have got right back on again.

Maybe that’s what you have to do when you hit trouble – even Monster Trouble. Things WILL go wrong in life whether you like it or not.

Its what you do afterwards that shows who you are.

12 thoughts on “Monster Trouble!

  1. I agree Paula. It’s not how you’re treated, it’s how you threat others that really matters. x Same as if you’re friendly, people i’ll like you and feel like they want to talk to you. πŸ™‚

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