Look out for Little Witches!

This is a first for GHB! One of our lovely author friends, Rhiannon Lassiter, has written a collection of witchy stories that are perfect for Halloween – and she’s releasing them only as an ebook! So you can download LITTLE WITCHES straight to your smartphone or ipad or computer or Kindle! What’s more, because tomorrow is officially the launch, it will only cost you £1.53 all day to do so! (usually it’s £5 so you’re getting a 70% off bargain for Halloween!)

little witches

The stories are magical adventures intended for the 8-12 age-group but with appeal for readers of any age.

In the first story, Little Witches and the Trick-or-Treat-Trick, the heroines meet each other for the first time on Halloween. Dulcie’s au pair is a fashion student who has dressed her up as a modern witch – “occult casual” she calls it. Verity has lost the battle with her sisters for first choice from the dressing up box and ended up with pirate boots and a witch’s hat and broom. While out trick-or-treating they accidentally annoy a mysterious old woman who casts a spell on them. Dulcie and Verity gain magic powers for real!

Here’s a bit from the very first story!

What Dulcie wanted was to be a witch. She made this decision the night before Halloween and told Ivenka, her au pair, about it; she couldn’t tell her parents because they were out being rich and successful somewhere. Ivenka was seventeen and was very thin and blond and had come to England to study to be a model. When Dulcie made her announcement, Ivenka put down her copy of Vogue and looked at her seriously, making her turn around in a circle so Ivenka could see her from every angle. Then Ivenka narrowed her eyes and screwed her face up into a thoughtful expression that made her look especially pretty and said that she knew just the right outfit.

Ivenka’s room was full of clothes because while she was waiting to become a model she took classes in fashion design and often put on shows with volunteers wearing clothes that she had made. So in no time at all she had found Dulcie a grey shirt-dress and a pair of black and white stripy tights and a pair of black and grey ankle boots. Then she gave her a black wool pixie-cap and a floppy black sweater that was two sizes too big. Using a can of black hairspray she put a streak in Dulcie’s fair hair and with soft kohl pencil gave Dulcie’s eyelashes a black smoky look. Then she stepped back and said:

“Is good, jah? You like it? Very the modern witch. Occult Casual.”

Dulcie looked in Ivenka’s mirror and tried a few poses.

“What about a broomstick?” she asked.

“Too much,” Ivenka told her. “Is very Wicked Witch of the West, we think. Not a modern look at all.”

“A cat?” Dulcie asked and Ivenka shrugged.

“Am I a pet-keeper for you now?” she asked. “Fashion is what I do, not animals. But a cat is good, chinchilla maybe siamese, talk to your parents for cat.”

“There’s no point,” Dulcie said. “I know they won’t let me have one. Thanks for the clothes.” She looked in the mirror again and tried some witchy looks; looking at herself from lowered lashes.

“Is no problem,” Ivenka told her, picking up Vogue again. She liked Dulcie and liked working for Dulcie’s mother who paid her very well and didn’t know Ivenka borrowed her perfume and make-up.

“Now I need to learn some spells,” Dulcie said, flirting with herself in the mirror and Ivenka shrugged at her.

“Not anything I can do about that,” she told Dulcie. “You have the look now, go make magic yourself,” and she went back to her magazine.

please note: originally we said the download was £1, sorry for any confusion!

4 thoughts on “Look out for Little Witches!

  1. Hi everyone and thanks Jo for the lovely review. All the Girls Heart Books folk are invited back to mine for my blogparty; http://blog.rhiannonlassiter.com/2013/10/31/halloween-blog-party-little-witches-launch/
    Unfortunately due to an unanticipated technical issue I wasn’t able to bring the price any lower than £1.53 – that’s a 70% discount instead of 80% – so it’s still good, I hope! And I’ll be giving away three precious physical copies in competitions on my website. Please do stop by.

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