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10 things I do when I finish writing a book

Yay! I finished my latest novel (in a new series for Puffin) last week. So what happens when a book is pinged off to the publishers? In my case, this, and in this order…

1) I tell my husband it’s finished, and he gives me a high-five (while muttering, “Thank goodness…” under his breath, probably relieved not to have a wild-eyed, distracted wife – for a while).

2) I feel floaty-light and free!!!

3) I feel absolutely buzzing with energy.

4) I feel beyond exhausted.

5) I come down with a cold/bug/the plague.

6) I become allergic to the computer and studiously avoid it for a few days.

7) I treat myself to loudly coloured, extremely frivolous plants for the long-neglected jungle that used to be my garden.

Bright colours - an antidote to endless weeks of goggle-eyed staring at endless black fonts on electric white screens!

Bright colours – an antidote to endless weeks of goggle-eyed staring at endless black fonts on electric white screens!

8) I notice what a dump my once-neat office is.

9) I can’t speak in coherent sentences, as I’ve used up all the words in my head.

10) I buy a new notebook to start squiggling my next story in…

Dear other authors – what’s your end-of-a-book ritual?

Karen McCombie :c)

7 thoughts on “10 things I do when I finish writing a book

  1. Hi Karen,
    What a great post!

    A lot of what is on your list is on mine too – but instead of working in the jungle (that used to be my garden) I lock myself in my parrot aviary and visit my crew, giving lots of kisses and cuddles, and telling them how happy I am that I’ve finished. But I don’t think they really care…at least they don’t say so.

    And then promising myself to stay away from my computer, I quickly feel the itch to write down the next outline – deluding myself by saying, ‘If I don’t do it now, I might not remember it all…’

    Then the obsessive checking of emails starts as I wait in hope to hear from my editor – knowing full well that she won’t read the manuscript for at least two weeks, but still, I keep checking in case she’s as excited about it as I am and has decided to start reading immediately… though that never happens.

    Oh, and then there’s the celebratory POT of tea. A book wouldn’t be complete without copious amounts of tea…

    CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your book – it really is a great feeling and is something that should be celebrated by everyone!

  2. I have just finished totally editing my first book – and was so exhausted I put my laptop away in a corner and booked a holiday to america.
    Probably would have been cheaper to buy some plants or have a pot of tea…

    Trying to start your no.10 now!!

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