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Me at HYB launchHave you heard of Caroline Green? She’s one of the most talented authors around. Her debut novel, Dark Ride won the RoNA Young Adult award,The Waverton Good Read Children’s and The Best couple – Books, Bonnets and Full-frontal Blogging Awards. Her second book, Cracks, has appeared on many award shortlists and I’ve no doubt her latest offering, Hold Your Breath, will attract even more attention. Hold Your Breath is a gripping thriller that you really won’t be able to put down. Welcome to GHB Caroline.

What is it with me and creepy old places?

I set my first book, Dark Ride, in an abandoned fairground. This is a place where the wind eerily whistles through cracks in the hoardings and the ghost train brings jumpy surprises even though nothing actually works anymore.

My second book, Cracks, features a young offenders institution that sits high on a hill and seems to broodily glower down on everyone below with windows like mean, angry eyes. My character Cal feels pure dread whenever he hears its name, Riley Hall.

I seem to have done it again with Hold Your Breath, my latest book. Lots of the action here takes place at a neglected old outdoor swimming pool, known as a lido. It’s falling to bits, entirely lacking in mod cons and frankly not very hygienic. Poor Tara, my main character, even manages to stand on some broken glass when she risks having a swim there (mind you, having gorgeous Leo, the lifeguard, administer first aid more than makes up for it…).

I don’t know why I am so drawn to places like these. Maybe deep down I believe that shiny new buildings haven’t had long enough to develop an atmosphere? That old, tatty ones have nooks, crannies and shadows where potential stories can lurk.

It’s nearly time for me to start writing something new. Will I do it again? I honestly don’t know yet. But I must admit that I keep looking up pictures of creepy, crumbly old hotels lately…

Caroline and her publisher, Piccadilly Press, are giving away three copies of Hold Your Breath. If you’d like to enter this free giveaway then hop on over to our competitions page.


  1. What a great setting for a book. There’s nothing I like better than a good lido. And a deserted one would be even better!

    • Thanks so much for your comments. I’m glad it’s not just me who likes creepy old places! Thank you , Faolan (you have a gorgeous name…) for your kind words about Dark Ride too. Laura, I am drawn to creepy stories despite being a gigantic wimp. Hmm….slight problem there!

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