Getting ready for Halloween!

(This is a post from Lynn Huggins-Cooper but her computer crashed on her while she was trying to post, so we’re sorry it’s late!  Jo x)
Halloween’s coming! Have you seen all of the wonderful treats in the shops? I bought some fabulous jelly eyeballs yesterday to decorate cupcakes with.
Some of you know how much I love Halloween – it’s the time of my birthday, my daughter’s birthday – and I even had a Halloween wedding!
I love writing about Halloween, and setting stories at that time of year. Walking with Witches features a Halloween party, and my current book is set on Halloween.
This will be the first year my eldest grandson will be able to take part in some of the activities, now he is big enough. One of our favourite family activities is about writing stories – so why not have a go in your house?
Fill a plastic cauldron (you can get big ones as planters from garden centres, but also from cheap shops among the Halloween goodies) with shredded green tissue – that’s the witches brew! Add all sorts of plastic toys. Rats, spiders, skeletons, snakes – you get the idea! Each player takes a turn to rummage in the cauldron, and uses the creature they find to tell the next part of the story. Spooky fun!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Halloween!

  1. Hi Jo, sorry my comments a day late. 🙂 I Love dressing up for both Halloween and Christmas. 😀 Got to wear orange and black for Hollo and red and white and green, plus antlers for Christmas. 😀

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