Books, Books, Books!


Thus week (and last weekend), the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature is taking place once again. That means ten days of literary bliss in the city of Bath!

There are events taking place at venues all over the city both weekends and there are a few during the week as well. The city is full of familes and full of authors and illustrators too. I always find that very exciting. You never know who you will spot! I did see Girls Heart Books author Karen Saunders on her way to her event last weekend and wished I wasn’t working in a different venue. I heard she was fabulous!

I didn’t buy any tickets last weekend because I was helping out at the festival, and most of the events I worked at were more in the ‘boys heart books’ category! Boo! But I’m really looking forward to two events this weekend:on Friday evening I’m going to listen to a talk on children’s books in transation. Two Danish authors and a translator will talk about why so few foreign authors get translated into English. This is a topic I am very interested in as I can read in five languages besides English (including Danish) and often wonder why brilliant books don’t make it over here.

Then on Saturday, I’m going with my son to hear Derek Landy speak about Skullduggery Pleasant which he really enjoys reading. I’m also working again and helping out at the Horrid Henry event among others. Then sadly, that’s it for another year.

I love literary festivals. Do you?

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