Forget LOL, what’s SWALK – and who’s the VIP?

Okay, so you’re all up to speed on text speak. Or shd tht b txt spk…

But when I was your age, we could only fantasise about amazing gadgets like mobile phones while we swooned over Illya Kuryakin, played by David McCallum, the GORGEOUS star of THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law Enforcement). Illya was a spy so he had amazing gadgets!

Never heard of it? You’ll most likely have to ask your granny, or a very old aunty if you have one of those lying around. Illya is the blonde one…

In the end, reader, I never married him, though it wasn’t for want of wishing it. (Yes, I know, looking at that clip now that his trousers seem a bit too short – but hey, I was 10, he was dishy, and we didn’t have BOY stars in those days. Good Lord, it was even in black and white!)

But even though we didn’t text we did have acronyms; that’s where the first letter of each word in a phrase is used to make a new word. Like LOL. Which is a daft one, as no one ever knows if it’s Laugh Out Loud or Lots of Love or Lots of Loathing or…

Anyway, the first acronym I learned was for Valentine’s Day. If you sent a boy a Valentine you had to write SWALK on the back where the flap was stuck down.

Let's SWALK!

Let’s SWALK!

And then I learned another acronym. This one was VIP. Do you know what it stands for? Because yesterday in Glasgow Women’s Library where I’m Reader in Residence I met a VIP!

This VIP is known to anyone who reads the GHB blog.  (Oh, GHB’s another acronym!) But you’ve probably never seen her before. Well, here she is with me!

Maggi and Laura

Maggi and Laura

Yep! It’s Laura Harrison!

Laura brought in her laptop and we talked about children’s books and did some work on a new story she’s busy writing at the moment. And why’s she a VIP? Because for authors all readers are Very Important Persons.

BTW have you worked out what SWALK is yet?

I’m keeping MUM, whatever that means…

Happy Reading and Hugs to You All!



15 thoughts on “Forget LOL, what’s SWALK – and who’s the VIP?

  1. Hehe, Susie – good to know I’m not the only Illya Kuryakin fan – though those trousers do flap above his ankles when he walks! It was fun with Laura. She’s so into writing for children! 😀

  2. Um…

    Not much to say here. 😀 That was taken where we were ‘working,’ Ahem..

    Thank you for putting it up, now EVERYONE knows what I look like! BRILLENT! 😀

  3. SWALK is Sealed With A Loving Kiss – that dates back at *least* to WWI (soldiers’ letters).
    My mum has all the Man From UNCLE (and Girl From UNCLE) books, so I think she probably watched it. And she’s not *that* old.

  4. I’d never heard of SWALK. I don’t really use much text speak, although I will put LOL which is categorically Laugh Out Loud! 🙂

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