Sometimes when I sit down to write my head feels like this:

Maggi on a bad day!

Maggi on a no ideas day!

Which is a bit of a drawback if you’re a writer. After all, a writer needs to have lots of ideas, don’t you think?

So when this happens I basically have three options.

  1. Go back to bed, get up again, and hope that an idea has magically floated in – or better still, a whole shoal of ideas.

Inside Magi’s head on a good ideas day!

2. Go back to bed, stay there and pull the duvet right up over my head and hope nobody bothers me – ever.

Desperately seeking inspiration!

3. Binge on chocolate, cos everyone knows that chocolate wakes up the ideas centre of the brain, right?

OMG! I bet if I had a choccy keyboard I’d NEVER be short of ideas! Yummy!

4. Or do the grown up thing, get out my ideas box where I keep lots of random things I’ve noted down and see if, like putting a match to paper, something catches.

Did I mention the book I’ve just finished is called ‘FLAME’?!

Now, we all know that the last option is the sensible, grown up one. But hey, I write for teens, not grown ups, so what’s the point in being sensible?

I know what my preferred option is. But if you’re stuck for ideas for your stories, which of my options would you choose?

Or maybe you’ve got even better methods? If so, I’d love to hear them.

Happy reading and blissful writing!

Maggi xxx

15 thoughts on “Bubblehead!

  1. Hi Maggi!

    Girls, sorry i did’nt comment on Yesterdays post, i would have but, i was so stressed out it went out of my head. (sniffs)

    I get ideas EVERYWHERE and how i channel them is like this:

    1. Idea, like, a house or somthing i see when i’m walking outside.

    2. Pop music on, (IPOD)

    3. Daydream non stop about it and get home

    4. Watch an interveiw. (LOTS of ideas flow when your into somthing else.)

    5. NORMALLY, in the middle of the video or near the end, i write quickly and then, i’m off! (writing ALOT for like, 2-3 hours with a song on repeat)


  2. I read back over what I’ve written until I have an idea,but the ideas are usually smallish,not major plot changers. I love the pictures!

    • Thanks, Aoife. I love the pictures too. They make me smile. And I’m a re-reader as well. If I can’t move forward with the story then I clean up the bit before and try to make the writing livelier. πŸ™‚ x

  3. It seems the ideas come as I am writing, so planning ahead doesn’t work for me. To get an idea started; it just happens. I pick a location, (usually some place I have lived) then a female name, her age, her occupation, her family. Now her disposition, likes and dislikes about her life….now I am on a roll and throw in a guy here and there, some wackiness, some sweet romance or not. I guess ideas are really endless…it could be a road trip with a destination…my favorite. Oh what things could and do happen. Happy tales..

  4. *drooling over the choccie keyboard*
    Hello! Sometimes, ideas just come to me and I write them down quickly in my notebook(s). Then I get planning from these ideas, while munching on choccie’s of course and well, hope for the best! I hope you have a great day. πŸ™‚

    • Hey! That choccie keyboard has my fingerprints all over it. How d’you think I’m typing this? It’s great when ideas just come, isn’t it? A writer should always carry a notebook. Oh, and a pen, of course! πŸ™‚ x

  5. Chocolate keyboard… hm, I might be about to eat my way out of writing! If I’m seriously out of ideas I sit still and stare at nothing and go vague – something usually drifts along eventually.

    • Ah, you make sitting still sound really attractive, Jane. I visualised a cloud floating past with you on it, looking serene. And eating chocolate in a dreamy day. Happy writing! πŸ™‚ x

  6. any good writing lately? My grandson got me on this idea of random words picked from one of his drawing websites to inspire anyone in a slump. So last Sunday, the words were “Invisibility, vampire, hiking boots, and an Christmas ornament.” So Hayden is an illustrator and wanted to draw what I wrote. So last Sunday we started…a 15 year old boy hiking in his mountainous backyard to locate an infamous cave that was discovered in 1810 according to his history teacher. Forgetting his cell phone, he being a braggart to his classmates, he could not go to class on Monday without evidence of finding the cave. He had no choice but to continue his search. Adventures are without mercy as Henry deals with the unknown in the deep forest of Raven Gully, deep in the heart of Raven Mountains. A whiteout prevented a search for Henry when the snow fell on October 31. Only Henry knows where the cave is if he is still alive. With wit and pure luck, Henry finds his way home on Christmas Day, with a new awareness of his inner self and knowing the truth…about vampires. Will he reveal his knowledge? Today Sunday is another set of words as this story takes a back burner to brew and simmer. Needless to say this was enjoyable brainstorming with my grandson.

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