Once upon a Sunday evening…

I leave things until the last minute. This isn’t a skill that I’ve learnt after years of practice. I’ve ALWAYS been good at it. I’m afraid I do this when I write too. Without a scary deadline, I would write nothing.

When I went to school, sometime last… um… century, Sunday evening was officially the last minute. Homework that I’d studiously ignored all weekend absolutely had to be finished for the next morning. So at about 7pm (after I’d listened to the Top 40 on Radio 1, naturally) I would sprawl on my bedroom floor and get cracking. Antiques Roadshow was always playing on the telly downstairs. If I hear just a few bars of that music, I STILL think that I’m late with my art homework. Just a glimpse of a teapot and I’m a quivering wreck.

A Victorian teapot that may be worth as much as a house. And may not.

But despite the Antiques-Roadshow earworm and the endless teapots and the fact that lying on the floor for three hours at a time can be really quite uncomfortable, somehow I did get my homework done. And every single week without fail, I’d tell myself that next week, it would be different. I would do my homework EARLY.

I didn’t, of course. πŸ˜‰

How about YOU? Are you an Early Bird or a Last-Minute Lil?

26 thoughts on “Once upon a Sunday evening…

  1. I’m always a last minute kind of person. Today I’m going up to see Cathy Cassidy at the Southbank Centre in London, and I still haven’t done my homework, due in tomorrow! I’m about to do it, I promise… right after I’ve checked my favourite websites of course πŸ˜‰

    ((Funnily enough, the homework I need to do is art – just like you, Kay, I always leave art till the very end..!)

  2. I always leave art to the very end as well!

    I’m a last minute kind of person. And just like you, I promise myself that I’ll do it earlier, but it always ends up last minute!

    GRRR-so annoying!

    Great post!

  3. I leave all homework to the very last miniute.
    especially in school holidays were I say I’ll finsih it all on the first 2-3 days but always end up doing all of it on sunday (or saturday)!

    cool post and so true!

  4. I always FREAK out at the thought of NOT doing my homework the day I get it, I imagine forgetting about it or not realising the deadline and I am nervous wreck. But when it comes to it, I’m much bothered about checking GHB, emailing skyping etc!

    When it comes to Art it’s a WHOLE different story! I ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS do my Art homework the minute I get it! I guess it’s because I’m not very good, so I think that if I need to I can go back and talk to the teacher, but I can’t if I leave it to the last minute!!

    Brill post xxxx

    • Can you believe I actually have a program that I switch on to BLOCK the Internet when I need to get a load of words written? It doesn’t let you do ANYTHING. (I’ve tried.) I will be switching it on tomorrow!


  5. Like Ella, i’d FREAK if i don’t do the work the day i need to do it.

    I’m not at Collage or School anymore so, i now work with writing deadlines πŸ™‚ It’s fun that way x

  6. It depends, if the homework looks fun, then I’d do it as soon as I could, but if, for example, it’s a math worksheet (like this week) Then I’d always leave it to the last minute, I’ve just remembered I need to do my homework for tomorrow! :s

    • Hope you got it done OK! I also have a habit of doing the fun stuff first, which is often starting a book that is due, ooh, MONTHS away, rather than the book that’s due at the end of the week… πŸ˜‰


  7. I always get super worried and stressed about deadlines! I always have to do homework the day I get it, or I get really stressed.
    But there are always so many more interesting things to do.
    Such as checking girls heart books, for instance.
    I should be revising my French, but why bother? I’ll do it later!
    There are so many other interesting things to in my life, why spend the short amounts of time I have outside of school doing school boring things? I could be creative, read books, write stories – why do I need to work out algebra and the periodic table?
    Teachers are just forgetting creativity – its being taken over by work, memorising, deadlines and detentions!

    Ella and I have a really annoying history teacher, who gives us tiny deadlines for huge pieces of work and never marks them. We had this HUGE assessment to prepare, a whole 4 page essay on Crime in London – we had one day to do it, because apparently he needed the levels for our reports which were due on the Friday, so we had ONE night! Ella and I got super stressed, and were up till late finishing it.
    This was two weeks before half term.
    So, we get our books back 5 weeks later.
    Are they marked?
    So much for deadlines!

    • I’m very impressed and envious that you get things done so early! But I’m going to have to admit something AWFUL here.

      I like algebra.

      There, I said it. πŸ˜‰

      Good luck with all your homework!


  8. Very funny post. Made me smile! I must be the only person that’s an early bird. I can’t bear the thought that something might happen to stop me making a deadline, so I like to get there before that eventuality. Something fruedian in there, I’m sure! x

  9. When I was at school I was always one of those people that would do my homework almost immediately. I figured if I got it out of the way i would have all the time left to enjoy myself without worrying about it.
    I still try to do things in plenty of time but have found myself slipping and will end up doing things at midnight the night before I have to hand them in/go to the meeting etc.
    Too many distractions to pull you away from what you should be doing.

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