As a child I was always doing Swapsies – trading any unwanted toy with other kids in the street. Swapsies involved a lot of heated discussion around such questions as : Is one battered Sindy doll and two outfits worth a ballerina jewellery box?

Swapsies came to an end on our street when my brother went one swap too far and exchanged a cheap and nasty plastic battleship for a Spanish guitar. Parents were not amused, guitar was returned and all swapping ceased.


I did not have many of my own books to swap. There was no point when there was the ultimate bookswap place twenty minutes walk away. It was called Oldham Library and I read ten books every two weeks. Then when I’d finished I go back and swap again. Libraries are the most perfect system for developing literacy and a lifelong love of books SO DON’T CLOSE THEM DOWN!

Today I am going along to be taking part in the London Book swap. I will be taking along some copies of my Sand Dancers books to donate and joining in the fun at the Centre for Learning in Primary Education inSouth London.


As well as giving away books there will also be some Girlsheartbooks bookmarks handed out!


Are there any book swaps going on in your area?


What book would you never ever swap?


by Lynda Waterhouse



29 thoughts on “Swapsies

  1. Ah! Yesterday my grandma told me about something they do in America. About twenty people take a item of unwanted clothing and search the rails for someone else’s. I swapped my book once but I would never swap Small Blue Thing, Glitter, my Kindle, Cherry Crush!

      • Yes… that’s an idea!

        But you wouldn’t catch me lending one of my friends with my Kindle. They’d probabaly lose it!

  2. I love all of my books! I carn’t possably choose! 🙂

    Swapsies sounds likie it was fun! I used to swap Pokemon cards in my old home’s street. 🙂

  3. Hi Lynda!

    Orli and I have an ongoing book swap! And last week we also swapped books with Georgie which was FAB!!! (Can’t wait to see you tomorow Georgie :))
    Every few weeks Orli and I choose each other books, and, well, swap them! It is really great because we get to read new things as well as letting each other read are books!!

    Today we were meant to be going to a book swap at the Southbank centre, but sadly we couldn’t make it 😦

    It sounds selfish, but I wouldn’t swap my signed books, I would with Orli, because I know her well and trust her, but I would have to trust someone A LOT to give them my precious books!! 🙂

    FAB POST! Happy Birthday Laura – Have a great day!!


    • I agree you have to know your precious books are going to a good home!I love swapping books with my friends. My first question when I meet up with a friend is ‘What are you reading at the moment?’

  4. Hi!
    As Ella said, we have an ongoing book swap, basically every week, but I’m running out of Ella’s books to read!

    And yes, we’re really mizz because we can’t go to the book swap at the southbank so we’re really mizz 😦

    But I LOVE book swaps!
    There’s one book I would never ever lend out and that is my first edition of Jane Eyre. The cover is leather and the pages at the side are gold, and all the ink on the cover is gold calligraphy.

  5. Hi Lynda!

    I would never swap my Rick Riordan books! I just got then new, and they’re paperback so they’re spines can get broken, they can get ripped, someone can spill tea on them…

    I probably wouldn’t swap my signed books either!

    Great post!

    • I love Rick Riordan. I was given a lovely hardback copy of Percy Jackson to review when it first came out. As it was a freebie and a fab read I felt that the honourable thing to do was to pass it on to my local school…that was hard but they loved the story too.

  6. I love swapping books with my family – my brother has an amazing book taste for example, and I lend my old books to my little sis. I also borrow books from friends with great book taste, because I trust their opinions. But the one book I’d rather die than swap is my copy of The Diary of Anne Frank. It’s the only book which has entirely influenced my life and it’s my most prized possession.

  7. wow, that’s so cool! i never thought of the library that way. XD loved the post!
    um, i think one book that i would never, ever, EVER swap has to be my one and only warriors by erin hunter book:rising storm which, would you believe it, i axctually got from the library’s sale pile because it’s spine was cracked (boo hoo) and im very proud to say that i actually have one and i would rather eat a thousand brussel sprouts than give it away.

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