Who wants to play?

I’ve just come back from a weekend away with twelve friends. We stayed in a HUGE house at Sennen Cove in Cornwall. I was in a happy mood because I had just finished a book I’d been working on alongside all my other books for twenty years. Seriously!

Beautiful Sennen Cove

‘Let’s play!’ I said.

We played charades until we ran out of books, plays and films; then we did illnesses, foods and things-you-can-buy-in-Tesco. It’s quite hard to mime chicken pox, sticky toffee pudding and Fairy liquitabs!

After that, we played sardines, which is like hide-and-seek except only one person hides and all the others count. When you find the hider, you hide with them, until everyone’s crammed into the cupboard under the stairs/cowering behind the curtains/ squashed behind the settee and only one person’s left seeking. The last one to find is the next one to hide.

We played one-word-story, where you go round the group saying one word each, to make up a story, then in-the-manner-of-the-word and wink murder – all my favourite games.

All you need to play wink murder

Someone said they were surprised I liked playing games so much… and that surprised me. I mean, writing is all about playing – you’re making things up and imagining all the time, just like the pretend-games you used to play when you were little.

I’m always on the look-out for new games to play. What are your favourites?

24 thoughts on “Who wants to play?

  1. Morning Jenny!

    I played a game yesterday with a parashoot, called Sharks.

    One person go’s under tthe shoot then, they try and tug the peoples shoes to get them under too! It was VERY fun! 😀 I was just crawlling round, tugging feet till nearly everyone was under. hehe 🙂

    • Hi Jenny I love your blog it was amazing. I love all your books. Are u making another book? cause I would love to read it.

  2. Morning Laura – that sounds like an amazing game! I like the name too – sharks. Reminds me of another game I love playing, shipwrecked :))

  3. Consequences – all have a piece of paper and write a first sentence, fold it over, pass the paper on and the next person writes another sentence – till everyone (best with several people) have written on each piece, then read them out. Generally bonkers!

    And I remember shipwrecked – we used to play it in the gym at school!

  4. Aah… yes – consequences! That’s another brilliant game. It suddenly occurs to me you could create new variations, like the way we play charades. We’ve always played the regular ‘girl-boy-place-she said- he said- consequence was’ way. Will definitely try some experiments…

  5. I love games too!

    At Christmas (when my ginormous family are all together) we play the ‘Names’ game: everyone puts 5 names (famous people, historical figures, fictional characters) into a bowl, then 2 teams take turns, and one person has a minute to get their team to guess as many names as they can without saying the words on the paper. Second round: only 3 words. Third round: miming! If you too have ever attempted to mime ‘Attila the Hun’ or ‘Daddy Pig’, I salute you.

  6. Hi Jenny, Great post!

    When we have lots of people round to the house we play this game (I don’t know the name of it, even though we play it all the time, we just call it the-game-with-the-bits-of-paper.) Everyone gets little bits of paper and writes famous people’s names on them (we even had you once) and put them in a hat or a bowl or something, then you get into teams and each team takes it in turn to have 2 minutes for one person to pull names out of the hat/bowl and describe them without using any names, whichever team guesses the most names after a couple of rounds is the winner!

    Please play this game, it’s so much fun!
    Niamh x

  7. I love charades – it’s the best! Wink murder is good too, and I love a good old game of Harry Potter-themed Cluedo! It’s so fun! I also love card games, like Switch.

  8. omg, that’s made my day, Neevie! I can’t think of a better thing that being a name in the game-with-the-bits-of-paper! I’ll definitely be playing this one with my family at Easter :))

  9. Hi Jenny!!
    All those games sound like such fun! 🙂 I love to play silly little games like Who Am I, and I also LOVE card games!!! I often st round with my family and have a game of Rummy!!
    Fab Post! xxxx

  10. Hi Ella – I love card games too! Especially rummy. And cheats (guess who’s the best at cheats in my family – oh yeah! :)) But I hate that one where you have to remember where you lay the cards out face down and try to find pairs – I can never remember where they are 😦

  11. Hi Jenny!

    I have lots of favourite games to play.
    One is where you write down the description of a horoscope (e.g for virgo – a tidy person, who loved cleanliness), you put them all in a jar, one person reads them all out, while the others write down who they think that horoscope belongs too on a piece of paper, and it is revealed afterwards!
    But you can play the same game with favourite colours or favourite animals or whatever you want, but its really fun, and at the end revealing the truths!

  12. Great post-and great games!

    Like Ella, I love playing card games! I also love playing this game when someone draws something on the board, and you have to guess what the thing is. I’ve forgotten what it’s called! I also love charades, and this celebrity game we used to play in primary. We all have to pick a famous person, put it in a hat, pull one out, and guess who wrote that celebrity. It’s really funny watching people go red when someone picks their celebrity.

    Oh-I also love bananas/bus stop! It’s quite a big game in our school. Ok, our class anyway. Oh-do you know what happened at school today??? It was the most hilarious, scariest, weirdest thing that happened ever! Read about it here: http://www.bookblogandstuff.blogspot.com/2012/02/exploding-radiator.html

    I won’t give you any hints as to what happened, but it’s something to do with a radiator and an explosion…

  13. Bananas/bus stop????!!!! That’s a made-up game, right? I’m adding the guess-who-wrote-it to my list. You think I’m joking about the list, don’t you? Well, I’m not!!!

  14. I play Pictionary with the kids from my book group. As mentioned about Consequences is also popular. I love to play all sorts of games like these but don’t get the chance very often. Sounds like you had a great time.

  15. I love pictionary too. We did have a great weekend – I think everyone was really up for a break cos February can be such a dreary time of year

  16. Hi Cliona – Switch looks a bit like a game we play called Top Banana – thanks for the link 🙂 and Ella G, recommend only trying the cards-under-the-cushion trick if wearing running shoes!!!!

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