Guest Bloggers: Talina and Rhianna

A very special guest blog for you this week! GHB has sneakily intercepted the postbags of two fantastical fictional girls, and we can exclusively share their letters…

Dear Rhianna,

I just read Sword of Light, the first book in your trilogy. Being a girl of rather special talents myself, I read it alongside a cookbook about how to make a Mediaeval  Midwinter Feast, like the one at the end of Sword of Light. (You see, I can read one book with each eye. It’s just one of the things that makes me special. I am also attracted to magic, and magic is attracted to me. Being absorbent of magic makes life more interesting. )



Of course I don’t have to tell you about life being interesting. Being born the daughter of King Arthur, and destined to rescue his sword Excalibur makes your life quite fascinating, not to mention dangerous, exciting, and –dare I say it – a bit, well, uncomfortable! I kept reading about how you had to dress in armour, sleep rough, even fight dragons, and I must say that it made me start to itch and scratch, stretch out my feet inside my soft silk stockings very enjoyably. How do you do it?

When I was reading Sword of Light, I was also curious to know more about your friends. I especially like Elphin, the Prince of Avalon. I love the way his eyes turn purple when something is not right, and the way he will strum his harp to make soothing magic even when his poor fingers are bleeding. He never boasts about being brave, but he is. I wanted to ask you – do you think he is also handsome? Exactly how much do you like him? Is it a problem that he is immortal?

And what about Cai? Frankly I could not understand why you put up with that silly little squire. He isn’t good at anything except getting himself and everyone else into trouble. Well, I suppose he is good in one scene at the end.

I would love to invite you and Elphin to come to Venice, where I would show you how to row a boat down a canal, how to climb a bell-tower and how to speak to cats. If I continue to mess up my spells, I may even turn you into a cat.

Do you think you could ever leave your English world and come to mine? I’m longing to meet you,

Love, Talina Molin.

Faha’ruh Talina!

Thank you for your letter. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’m not as good at reading as you are, because I grew up in Avalon where we make song-pictures in the walls instead of writing things down. But they don’t work in the land of men, so I can see why you have books. My maid Arianrhod is reading your “Talina in the Tower” at this very moment, and I asked the priest to write this for me… I hope you can read Latin? Merlin says you will because you live in the Romans’ country.



I’d love to visit your beautiful city, but the Romans left things over here in a bit of a mess. I can’t leave Camelot unprotected, or my cousin Mordred will snatch the throne. He’s a bit like your Ravageurs in human form. But tell me more about your cats! They sound sweet, and can you really change into one? That must make you a druid. Merlin tried to be a dragon, but that didn’t work so he ended up as a hawk. He says the magic is difficult, but it’s obviously more common than he thinks.

Elphin? I suppose he’s quite handsome, though I’ve hardly had time to notice with all the battles and things. He’s Avalonian and I’m human, so my mother would never approve. It would be like you getting together with Ambrogio in your not-quite-cat form.

Elphin says he’d like to meet Ambrogio, and sends this ballad for you:

To Talina who was in the Tower,
I send you this enchanted flower.
Wear it in your corn-husk hair with pride
When you become Ambrogio’s bride.

I’ll get the priest to squash the flower inside this scroll for you. In the meantime, if you need any help with those Ravageurs, just let me know. As soon as I’m done with Mordred, I’ll bring Excalibur and my knights to help you. (And Cai, of course – he’s training hard so he might be a bit more use by then!)

love, Rhianna Pendragon
Camelot Castle

Wow! Thank you so much to Talina and Rhianna’s creators, Michelle Lovric and Katherine Roberts. If like me you’re itching to know more about our correspondents, check out these brand new books:

Talina in the Tower by Michelle Lovric

When she’s not campaigning for egrets’ rights, or terrorizing the school librarian, Talina adores reading, cooking and magic. When she mixes all three together, she cooks up more than she had bargained for – in a magical Victorian Venice, where animals and statues speak and strange creatures coexist with humans. Find out more…

Sword of Light by Katherine Roberts

Did you know King Arthur had a daughter? Join Rhianna Pendragon and her friends Prince Elphin, Cai and Arianrhod on an epic quest to save Camelot from the dark knight Mordred. Book One in the Pendragon Legacy quartet.

Find out more…

13 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers: Talina and Rhianna

  1. Oh, these letters are great!

    I really want to read those books now!

    I’m gonna ask my mum to buy them or I might get them from the library as soon as I get home!

    Great post!

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