Quirky Questions

It was great to read everyone’s Valentine’s Day thoughts yesterday on Joan Lennon’s post. It reminded me that 14th February is also Quirkyalone Day – a celebration of being comfortable on your own. Here’s the definition from Quirkyalone.net:

Quirkyalone: n. adj. a person who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and prefers being single to dating for the sake of dating. It’s a mindset… Could you be quirkyalone?

Looking this up made me think about the word ‘quirky’, which happens to be one of my favourite words. (I have others, but that’s for another post, I think!) Here’s my own definition of ‘quirky’:

Quirky: adj. describing someone or something that is oddly cool and unconventional

And this led me to think about the author visit I did recently. In honour of National Libraries Day, a school invited me to hold a writing workshop with a wonderful group of Year 7s, where we worked at making up characters and giving them interesting names, specialist subjects, opinions, fears and problems. Quirks, if you like. (And I do. I love quirks!)

Here are some questions like the ones we discussed for the characters we invented. You can try asking yourself these questions, or ask them of a character you’re writing about if you want to get to know them better.

– Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

– What’s your favourite kitchen appliance?

– What is your least favourite colour, and why?

– Name a subject you feel passionate about.

– Name a subject you feel indifferent about.

And I’ll leave you with this one, Girls Heart Books readers, which I’d love you to answer in the comments if you feel like it:

– If you were an item of clothing or an accessory, what would you be? Be as specific as you like!


P. S. Right now, I’m a rainbow-striped left sock with a few holes in it, I think. And the girl I’m currently writing about is a pair of silver vintage spectacles, like the ones in the pic at the top of this post, but with prescription-free lenses…

26 thoughts on “Quirky Questions

  1. hehehe. that was a fab post luisa! if i was an item of clothing, i’d be a… green and turqouise striped tasseled poncho with silver zips up either side and a denim stripe down the middle.

  2. Hi Luisa! Great post – I am defo quirkyalone and I’d SO love to be a Year7 at one of your workshops. Does an HB pencil count as an accessory? I’m extremely useful and versatile, can write AND draw and could probably turn my hand to all sorts of other ‘quirky’ tasks – earwax extractor, porridge stirrer, newt rescuer, monster-under-the-bed poker (vital skill for an auntie). Can’t wait to read everyone’s comments. Cx

  3. If I were a piece of clothing, (woah, that sounds so strange!), I feel I’d probably be either a massive woolly jumper or a vintage cloche hat. That’s because I’m quite shy, and like to hide myself a bit (hence the massive jumper idea) and I tend to get stuck in the past (i.e. the cloche hat!) Also though, I just love quirky fashion! 🙂

  4. I love the word quirky. Its the only instruction I give the hairdresser -‘make me look a bit quirky’. I would be my favourite brooch – It is made up of vintage white shirt buttons artfully arranged into a flower.

  5. Great post!

    If I was an item of clothing, I would be a soft, but interesting scarf, because I’m kind of shy, and I love to wrap myself around books, and if people got to know me, they might find me interesting…

  6. BRILL Post Luisa! x

    ‘If you were an item of clothing or an accessory, what would you be?’

    I’d be one of those butterflys that you could put in your hair, with flexable wings. I LOVE them but, i’de be one thats soft to touch, like silk. 🙂

  7. hmmm..
    a type of clothing…
    I would probably be a pair of jeans (not onluy bcause I love them) but bceause I think jeans are comfortable and casual and I feel that way (sometimes)!

  8. Great post 🙂 An item of clothing? A vintage 1950’s dress; the kind you can twirl about in!
    Or, on less glam days, I would be a huge fluffy blanket, slightly threadbare (purple, obviously!)

  9. Great post! I’d be a lost sock, left in the drum of the washing machine, destined to keep on spinning until someone rescues me… but with plenty of wear left in me! x

  10. Brilliant post! I’ve never heard of Quirkyalone Day but I love it. 🙂

    I would like to be a beautifully tailored coat, but today I’m a mismatched pair of stripy pyjamas instead.

  11. I would be a pink sparkly tutu! Little girls love to twirl around with me, being princesses. I love drawing faeries. And in a bizarre way i don’t match anything-but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t fit together with the right contrast and clash! I am also versatile – I can be used to dress up in, a costume or just something quirky to wear on a night out or to a party. And as you grow up I am more likely to be left at the back of the wardrobe as i am to weird or uncool to see the light of day with you, but I will always fit and I am always so out of style I am always in as well!

  12. I would be a shoe. Not a trainer, not a sneaker, not an ugg boot. My OWN brand of shoe. A brand new brand. Called BOOK. The new uggs! Any budding designers out there to make my dream reality?

  13. I’m torn between two items of clothing, depending on my mood/who I’m with.

    I would either be a watch (with a cool design/pattern on the band)- always punctual, practical and reliable but can also be jazzy and cool.

    Or I would probably be one of those skinny disco/dance tops that people buy thinking they are going to wear but end up putting it in the back of the drawer. Always waiting for a night out, never gotten rid of, but never quite right for the occasion.

  14. Hi Luisa
    I love the quirkiness of this post. You are clearly the master of originality! I would be a warm cosy cashmere snood with a pair of superga trainers. I like the thought of mixing practicality with a little bit of creature comfort!

  15. i’m a pair of blue sequined converse with mud on the toes.

    though at the moment i feel more like an old, big shirt. the kind you get given at events, that are good for pyjamas.

  16. Great Post 🙂 I would definitely be a cosy pair of pyjamas or a fuzzy dressing gown. They are my favourite items of (kind of) clothing and I like the idea that someone could be comfy and cosy and love wearing me!

  17. I’m definitely quirkyalone. I have friends who are boys and I find nothing more irritating than my friends (girls) convincing themselves I fancy them and trying to set me up, as I am ‘not mature enough’!!!
    Hmmm… If I were clothing? – I would be a Sherlock Holmes/ Medieval cloak/cape thing!!!!

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