I am in a MAJOR HUFF!huff cloud

HUFF WARNING: IF YOU READ THIS POST IT MIGHT PUT YOU IN A HUFF TOO!*                                     *Especially if you are the Prime Minister.

It’s 31st January, the day most of us writers have to think about the only boring books in the world (our accounts books, yawn) because we need to pay our tax (boo).

Now paying tax is never fun, but it’s not what’s making me huffy, I understand the need to put cash into the ‘public purse’ to help us all live more happily. But I do have one BIG issue here…

I am a girl, and I write books for girls and over half the people in the country are girls. But who gets to spend all my lovely tax money? BOYS!

Right now the MPs in our government (who basically get to make all our laws and spend all our money) are nearly ALL BOYS! (Only 20% are girls.)

Don’t get me wrong, I think boys are great, and just as brilliant as girls – but they are not MORE brilliant than girls. They are definitely not 80% more brilliant than girls. So they should definitely not be 80% in charge of us!

And they should not get to decide how to spend our hard-earned cash. Apart from anything else, most boys are RUBBISH at shopping! Which might be why they blow all the money on things like this…

Instead of spending it on things we really want like books and libraries.

So, Mr Cameron, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are as girls♥books is SO the place to be) listen up!So come on, David, be a brave boy – get some more ladies in the House!

What do you think girls?

Should more of us be helping to run the country?

And. if you were in charge, what would you spend all the money on? 



  1. I SO agree, Diane! (check me out, replying at 7.15am!!) It makes me mad that so many of the top jobs in this country are filled by men when women are JUST as capable. And I definitely think we need more girl politicians – maybe some of our GHB readers will grow up to be future government members?! Or even prime minister!

    Mind you, I wouldn’t want the job myself. I think you have to be very, very thick-skinned to run the country, and it must be a horribly frustrating job with people telling you how to do it all the time.

    What would I spend money on? Such a tough one! Because presumably there is a need for us to have armies and weapons and all that stuff (even though that’s the area I’d get rid of first) because we have to protect our country (and help others) BUT I think I would try to even out the massive gap between the rich and poor. I don’t think it’s right that footballers get paid such enormous amounts and yet people with important jobs like nurses and bin men get paid so little. I think jobs should be ranked in terms of ‘what would happen to society if this didn’t get done?’ Obviously I’d spend loads more on books and making books FUN and accessible for all, no matter what age. And I’d like to make it easier for people to find out about help when they need it – there are loads and loads of tiny charities doing fantastic work but hardly anyone knows about them. I’d also like to make it easier for people to find jobs, and I think it’s awful that so many shops are closing – the rows of empty shop fronts in many towns are so depressing 😦

    Oh dear, look at me on my soapbox at this time of the morning!
    One thing I would DEFINITELY change if I were in charge of the country is the current exam system in schools – I think it’s AWFUL and puts young people under FAR TOO MUCH pressure. So there 😉

    Obviously, I think there should be free cake for all, too. But that might just be because I’m pregnant and therefore obsessed with cake 😉

    • Brilliant, Jo – and so early in the morning! Yes, the thing about having arms is a tricky one, realise we need them – just wish we didn’t use them! And totally with you on the exams and cake!

    • Wow, your idea for ranking jobs by their necessity in social terms is brilliant – and so radical. Can you imagine? ‘Oh, sorry Mr Footballer/Miss Model, you belong way behind the teachers and bakers and plumbers.’ Brilliant stuff!

  2. I totally agree!

    I’m am saving up my money, because as a child fortunately I don’t pay Tax. However, there are many things I would do with money if I was in charge.

    I would build more libraries, publish more books and make exams easier. I’m doing my SAT’s soon and the pressure to be perfect is high!

    Catherine x

  3. it’s late and i feel like nodding off in my chair so i’ll be brief:
    #1: girls are FABULOUS and should totally be more in charge and the world seems so genderist at times!
    #2: if i was president or prime minister or queen even, i would use the money to tidy up run-down places, support charities and tell people to get on with the lives they’ve got and it’s about time that we put our money and time into places and people’s lives that actually need it. because if we do that, the world is sure to be a better place for everyone! 🙂 oh no nodding off now… can’t…type…zzzzzzzzz

  4. I’d do something about employment. it’s ridiculous that the people who have jobs tend to be stressed and overworked while there are so many equally stressed unemployed people wanting work. It shouldn’t be beyond us to even things out so that instead of the few having enormous salaries the money set aside for salaries in a company could be shared out more fairly between many more workers sharing jobs. I’d like to see a time when most people can earn a living wage by working three or four days a week. That would boost jobs in the leisure industry too.

    • Hear hear, again – very wise, Cindy – part time jobs for all would definitely make the world a happier place. And who exactly decided on the two day weekend, three’s a much better idea.

  5. Fabulous blog and illustrations! Made me laugh – and get in a huff too, of course. I don’t think Mrs Thatcher did us girls any favours when it comes to a woman running the country. But I’d vote for you. Where are you standing?

    • Ha ha, thanks Hilary, hadn’t thought of standing before, but now you mention it the thought of bossing around all those boys is quite appealing… x

  6. Hi Diane 🙂 Hope you’re okand calmed down a little?

    I don’t really like to get in arguments, but i DO think that more women should be MP’s.


    • Yay Laura, bring it on! And yes thank you, having such great comments from all you amazing girls has made me feel far less huffy!

  7. Way to go, Diana! Definitely more woman power needed, especially when running the country. Then more money might be spent on important things like education, health and housing instead of wars.

  8. Hi, Dianexx
    Great post!
    Glad to see I’m not the only angry young woman in the world.I’m now in my twenties and I get stroppier as I get older.

    My dad’s a union rep, so I’ve always been interested in politics. I agree with you- sometimes, the world is naff for no good reason. But, there are things we can all do, young people AND adults, to make things better..
    Sign petitions to keep things like libraries open
    Write letters to women MPs to get girls’/women’s voices heard.
    Ask the right questions

    Eventually, someone will listen.

    • You’re right, Jade, always good to make your voice heard in petitions etc Don’t worry, you’re in good company, I think most girls get miffed about this when they really think about it.

  9. I think we need to get some women in to set this country straight. I think its disgusting that footballers and mp’s get payed masses every year, and yet money is being taken from places like hospitals and schools and libraries are being closed down. Its ridiculous!! All David Cameron keeps going on about is that there is so much debt to pay, and things have to be taken from these important things, but why not start cutting down the £1.1 million bonuses that are going out to the mp’s that cleary get payed enough. Get some girls in I say, that’d solve it, I’m sure ;D xoxox

  10. I totally agree!!! Girls are equal to boys, if not BETTER!! Think about it, we’re better at eating cake, going clothes shopping and huffing!!
    I would spend the money on homes for elderly and injured people, that have to live in stuffy flats, more workplaces for jobs and, of course, more libraries! Any left over money could then be given to charity.


  11. It’s funny you mentioned this today of all days… I’ve just been asked to do a talk in front of the school (eek!) about girls in the professional world. And you know what, I totally agree with you! People focus far too much on getting people of different minorities into the house… which is really important, of course – but what about the WOMEN?!!! I think the problem is that women are so disheartened by this that they don’t try to change the situation themselves… but maybe if we all get our voices heard, we can do something about it!

  12. Diane you are SO right!!
    Us girls are just as good as boys!! We no longer live in the olden days! Females should have equality! And in most things they do… I never thought about girls as being less powerful in the government…but I now see that you are 100% right!!
    You have put me in a huff that can only be cured by reading and playing the flute (lucky my flute teacher is standing here waiting for me to finish!!!)
    FAB post!!
    Ella xxx
    PS. Love the pics!!
    PPS. Was lovely meeting you at Hilary’s launch!! 🙂

    • Ah, I’m delighted this has got you thinking Ella – and also delighted you have the flute to cheer you up from a huff! It was lovely meeting you too!

  13. Hi Diane!

    It was amazing meeting you the other day at Hilary’s book launch! Ella and I have been on the edges of our seats waiting for your post, because you told us it was coming in 2 days (it was actually 12, but hey, who’s counting?!)

    Anyway, thanks for a fantastic post! I loved the illustrations 🙂

    I’m a big thing for feminism – I started my own feminism group with my German grandma, but the distance thing was a slight problem – my geography’s not great, so first of all it was a struggle to find a spot directly in the middle of London and Frankfurt, I ended up in Belgium or something, so that didn’t work 🙂
    Still, in my primary school, I made sure I campaigned for girls rights too – I ended up having way too many jobs – 3 x school council, head girl, house captain, eco-council 4x, asked to do assemblies, bobby panel etc.

    I feel really strongly about changing all the old traditions that men are more important than us girls – without us girls, no life would be brought into the earth! So, HA, BOYS! Erm…

    • Hi Orli – it was lovely meeting you too. I know, I realised the next day that I’d got the date all wrong – my brain’s a bit dizzy when it comes to numbers! The good news is, the lovely and very wise organisers of this blog have realised this so I now have a fixed date to post – on the 8th of every month, so hopefully I’ll never get it wrong again! Sounds like you’re already doing a fab job for feminism – go girl!

  14. This post is so true and perfectly timed, because on Thursday, as an R.E trip, year 8a, 8b and year 9 are going to the O2 center in Finchley to watch The Iron Lady, which is about Margaret Thatcher, was was a prime minister.

    I think the Government should be fair about who they chose. If a job was between a man and four women they’d probably choose the man, because he’s well, a man. I think it’s unfair that this is going on, since the Sufferagettes (I think that’s how you spell it!) (see their song here http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/clips/p00hps6c) sacrifice so much to help women get the right to vote. Maybe we should start a protest. I can see the headlines now “Sufferagettes the second start a new protest”.

    Great post!

    • Brilliant link Hikma – love the Suffragettes’ Song – they really knew the meaning of girl power, and they sacrificed so much for us. They’d be appalled by what’s going on today, oh dear, can feel myself getting into a huff again!

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