Stuck on Me Competition Winners…

Stuck on Me competition winners…

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the competition! For anyone who doesn’t know, the football team I support (and which features in one of my other books, Don’t Ask) is Arsenal FC! As a Camden girl, it’s my local team.

I had no idea how to select the winners so I did it randomly by closing my eyes and pointing a pen (not very scientific). Sorry to everyone who didn’t win this time. The five girls receiving Stuck on Me are (drum roll):

Choe Smith
Naise Barrett
Maia Quail
Mariam Drammeh
Sandy Goodson

I really hope you like it and that those of you who didn’t win get to read it soon too.
Thanks for entering!
love Hilaryxx
p.s. Was very amused by the person who put Spurs, as they’re Arsenal’s arch enemy.

12 thoughts on “Stuck on Me Competition Winners…

      • Aww thanks Susie i just couldn’t remember filling in my address d’oh! Great,
        i shall look out for the book and let you know when it arrives. Thanks again x

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