A Hen in the Wardrobe Winners!!!!

I just got a mathematical wizard to do very clever things with an excel spreadsheet and randomly select 3 winners from a HUGE number of entries!!! (I would explain how it was done, but I got a bit lost half way through).

Anyway, the winners are *drum roll* …..

     Shakira Saleem,  

      Amy Knight

      and Anne Booth!!!!


I hope you guys have lots of fun reading my first ever book. Sorry I can’t sign it, but it’s not actually published until next week so I’ve asked my publishers to send you copies sizzling hot off the press.

(Thanks to everyone else who entered and sorry you didn’t win this time. But don’t worry. There’s loads of other great girlsheartbook competitions coming up).

10 thoughts on “A Hen in the Wardrobe Winners!!!!

  1. Wow! I’m so pleased! I have written a book (not published) for younger children about a hen detective, & have two hens of my own, so I loved the title. Then I read about it and thought it sounded so lovely I was going to buy on Amazon if I didn’t win, but as we’re broke I am so happy I’ve won a free copy! Thank you so much!

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