Mug Shot.

It came to me today, as I was making my early morning mug of tea. it’s a huge mug, because I like to drink lots of tea in bed in the mornings, while I pick up my emails and read a few newspaper articles. And because  I’ve never seen my name on anything, from a mug to a keyring (apart from my books of course!) I went to a local potter and asked him to make an especially big mug for me with my name on. Here it is.

Large grey mug with Cindy written on the side.

I’ve had it for years, and I use it almost every morning. And today, as I gulped down a swig of Earl Grey I realised that mugs aren’t just simple objects with no meaning. They can say quite a lot. So when I went downstairs I had a good look in my cupboard, and brought out all the mugs that say the most to me.

When I lined them all up I realised that the ones that meant the most were the ones that reminded me of people.

There’s the one my lovely sister Ruth gave me. It came with hot chocolate powder and mini marshmallows, and a little pottery spoon in a slot in the handle. Sadly the spoon broke, but I still have the mug. I use it for hot chocolate and always think of her when I drink out of it.

Two of my mother's mugs and one other

Then there’s the little cat and books one my other lovely sister Rachael gave me. I keep that one in my bedroom for water. My son in America gave me a red one made out of cornstarch (yes really!) and my friend Steve gave me the one with 60 on it. Two of the most precious ones belonged to my mother, who died a few years ago. I often used to choose the iris one when I went to see her, and the Mickey Mouse one is very special indeed. My mother was born in the same year that Mickey Mouse first appeared in a cartoon. When Mickey was 60, my mother was too, and for her birthday she asked for a Mickey Mouse telephone!  I use those mugs whenever I remember my mother with happiness at all the fun times we had.

So, mugs aren’t just mugs for me. They are also people. The full mug shot is below. Do you have a mug that has special memories, or something else that triggers happy thoughts?

A collection of mugs on a table, with postcards  on the wall behind

26 thoughts on “Mug Shot.

  1. I have my Pisces one that i finished drinking from right now. I feel happy when i read the words on it, it discribes me and i remember who i am.

    🙂 I like your one with your name on it.

  2. What a fab post, Cindy! I buy a new mug every time I start a new book, and then drink all my tea and coffee out of it until the book’s finished. Is that weird? No! I discovered a high-profile author friend does the same, when I accidentally drank out of her new fairy cup a while back. Another writing friend bought me a gorgeous mug with rabbits on when I was writing Rabbittalk 🙂

  3. My Mom gotten me a pretty dark blue mug year ago at a Christmas Market with my name on it. I use it every morning drinking my coffee in bed while listening to the new, reading blogs and emails

  4. I have a mug for babies! I love it because I remeber my Grandpa feeding me out of it! Its plastic and small and very cute and I love it!!! Fab post! xxx

    PS. If you read this Orli – going to GS now so cant skype! Sorry!!! xxx

  5. It sounds odd, but bracelets really do it for me.

    I have my blue glass bracelet, with the fine black thread, from Greece, where I spent so many happy days.

    I have a charm bracelet from my times with my best friend.

    And the friendship bracelet, which I got on the first day of school.

    So, yes, that’s my memory bracelets!


  6. I loved my Emma Bridgewater black and white cat mug. Sadly it now has a chip in it and I am searching for a new special mug. I love the idea of buying a mug each time you start a new book.

  7. My favourite mug is my huge ballerina mug, that came with chocolates all wrapped up in fancy tissue paper as a gift from my fabulous (and fabulously eccentric..!) aunt and uncle. Another one I love is the china teacup we bought in around 2002 – I think it was 2002?! – when I was only four and the Queen was celebrating her Golden Jubilee. I remember buying it and I loved it so much that it was just about the ONLY mug I didn’t break at that age. (Well, I say that age. I’m perpetually clumsy, sadly.)

  8. My favourite mug is probably the delicate china teacup we bought back in 2002 – I think it was 2002?! – when the Queen was celebrating her Golden Jubilee. I was only three or four but I was so excited – not by the event but by the gorgeous mug! It was probably one of the few contents of my mum’s cupboard that I didn’t break. Sadly, I’m just as klutzy as ever… instead of breaking the mug I so admired, I’ve used it so much that all the paint on the emblem has rubbed away!

  9. ooooh lovely mugs!

    I got this Doctor Who mug with an easter egg on surprise surprise, easter. I don’t really use it much, mainly because my sister uses it, and because it’s quite small, about the size of a beaker.

    Shakira got one that said “Chillax”, a mug that my cousin designed.

    Then there’s this really cool mug other mug that the same cousin designed, it said “Kidz Rock”, and it had a lovely pattern. I use it most of the time, and it looks like a normal size mug, but it actually holds a lot of drink. (Normally hot chocolate).

    Another special thing is the ribbons that I use to tie up my hair. They each have a “turn”, it’s weird, I treat words, books, food and accessories like real people…

    Then there’s my books-they’ll always give me special memories…

    Great post!

  10. Yes, I do have a mug I use

    My cousin made it at her school for youngg enterprise
    and we were supposed to pay £3.50 per mug

    but I got it fro free

    it says chilax on it!

  11. What a lot of fab comments everyone. Thank you! As you’ve all been so wonderfully responsive I’ll tell you about my very latest mug. My sister Ruth gave it to me at Christmas and on it it says ‘Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult’ Actually I got my own back because I bought her one too!

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