Sweet Dreams… x

Don’t you just love it how, in dreams, totally random stuff seems completely normal?

It all started the day before New Years Eve when my family and I should have been travelling back from an amazing Christmas holiday in Goa.

We were really looking forward to being back home, getting cosy in front of the fire, eating choccy’s and watching movies and stuff.

But… life had other plans for us!

  Our first plane from Goa to Mumbai was delayed by four hours…

…which meant that we missed our main flight from Mumbai to Paris.

It was a bit annoying, and we were really tired, but we’d had such a great time away that we just we laughed a lot and reminded ourselves that the only thing to do when life throws this kind of stuff at you is to surrender and go with the flow.

Anyway, twenty-four hours later, after a night in a really smelly hotel and a very lovely day looking round Mumbai, we found ourselves back in the airport seeing in the New Year in the check-in queue. Hey ho, we thought, it’s OK, we’ll be home soon.

But… life had other plans for us!

Just as the plane was about to take off someone fainted. The airline staff called a doctor, then an ambulance, then declared the lady unfit for travel, so disembarked her and her family and all their luggage, which meant the plane was an hour late, which meant…

… Aaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhh! We missed our next flight from Paris to London!

But, after a not so terrible morning in the airport in Paris, where we ate delicious food and gazed at the beautiful shops, we eventually arrived home at 6pm on New Years Day. After travelling for 52 hours we were too exhausted to light the wood burner, make food, watch movies or do anything other than go to bed…

…but, we felt utterly blessed for being reminded that we really do have no control over life.

Then… few nights ago

I was on the edge of flu and I had this really high fever, which tipped me into one of those amazingly deep, deep, sweat and dream filled sleeps. And from there I dreamt that my family and I were in a big wooden bath rowing home from India!

In the dream it seemed like the most perfectly sensible thing to do. I was a bit panicked, wondering how long it would take us, but there wasn’t one bit of me that thought…

Errrrr… are you mad or what?

Anyway, that got me thinking about writing stories and I realise how much my rational mind can get in the way of my creativity. My books are all real life stories about ordinary girls – and ordinary girls (as far as I know) don’t find themselves in large bath tubs rowing home from India!

So, I think I’m going to start keeping a dream diary and see if I can weave together an amazing fantasy story from my totally uncensored, magnificently creative dreams.

Have you had any totally random dreams lately?

19 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams… x

  1. Morning Kate!

    The reason I’m up so early (YAWN!) is because of… A DREAM!!

    Last night I had a very weird dream that turned into a bad dream! 😦

    I dreamt that I was with Sky from Sttuck On Me (which I just finished reading!) and Anna from Coping With Chloe (which I also just finished!) and we were having dinner, then that weird Aunt from Harry Potter (which I’m reading!!) came and told us that World War 3 was starting and there were bombs in our hair and I was SCAAAAAAAAARED and I woke up, that is why I am here now, typing, rather than being fast asleeeeep like I should be!

    Fab Post!


    PS. I’m reading Harry Potter now because I started it when I was younger and HATED it, but now I LOVE it!!!

    PPS. Dream Diary = GOOD IDEA!!

    • Hi Ella, crazy dream you had! And isn’t it funny how scared we can get in them. Hope you catch up on your sleep. – I love Harry Potter – my daughter, who’s 24 is a total fan – she’s read it so many times I think she knows it word for word! zzz

  2. Hi Kate

    I’ve been keeping a dream diary of all the dreams that haven’t exactly been dreams, more like nightmares. Oh, and weird dreams.

    When I was younger, I always kept on having this recurring nightmare. Basically, I’d have a dream or a nightmare, and the nightmare always ended in this park, and we’d go to this little area and swing around this roundabout. Then, always, there would be this red slide, and I used to climb on it, even though I knew it was dangerous to. The rest is a bit blurry, but I can still remember feeling myself go down the slide and see the long red plastic looming ahead…

    I agree, it’s amazing what life throws at you, and you definitely can’t choose what’s going to happen. (Unless you have to choose something)

    Brilliant post!

  3. I remember one nightmare. Basically our teacher invited all the year pupils for a reunion! (nightmare finsished)!


    well there was this pumpkin in the garden and it had glowing red eyes.
    I noticed and told my friends

    an hour later there was a dead cat underneath the pumpkin…

    one by one everyone in the class started getting red eyes and when they touched someone the other person got red eyes

    I was calling my mum to pick us up but the phone was dead….

    Then me and 3 of my friends who hadn’t had red eys run out of the house.

    I know it sounds really stupid but it was actaually really scary!

    I also someytimes get story ideas when I’m asleep the pop! in to my brain!

  4. Hi Kate!

    I’ve kept a dream diary for a long time now.
    It all came about on a post from Jenny Alexander, in August, here on girls heart books. Here is what I wrote:

    We could all start ‘Dream Diaries’. A normal book, decorated all dreamy. On one side, are ‘Darling Dreams’, the good dreams, that you love. On the other are ‘Danger Dreams’, the dreams you need to avoid at all costs. If you want, you could have a space in the middle for ‘Doddle Dreams’, the days when you didn’t have dream, or can’t remember it. Every morning, when you wake up, you write down the dream, if it was bad, good or in the middle. You write down what is was about if you can, and what you were thinking about before you went to sleep or perhaps events in the day that might’ve contributed towards it.
    If you perhaps can’t get to sleep, you first flick to the ‘Danger Dreams’ (you don’t have to though. It might be best to just stay away from those pesky dreams), so you know what not to think about. Then, flick to ‘Darling Dreams’, and pick out a dream. Either imagine the dream, and design in, like me, or read what made you think of that darling dream, and think of that. Hopefully, you’re dream diary should get very full of marvellous dreams, which can help you think up stories or help you get to sleep. Win, Win.

    And that’s what I do to date!

    I have strange dreams. Like really really strange dreams.

    I’m not even going into them! All I’ll say is – they include soap.


  5. Afternoon Kate!

    How are you? I hope your well x

    I have random dreams EVERY night. So, my life is always random which i love. Your right, you really don’t have control over you life, other then the dreams you dream in the day like, the things you want to do in the future. 🙂

    (Become an Author. Hehe)

    • That’s true we do have some control over day dreams – although I try not to day dream too much as I find I then miss out on all the amazing things going on around me – reality, if you pay attention to it is pretty awesome – there are always things going on for your senses to enjoy. xxx lots of love xx

  6. I also have… uh, frankly bamboozling (that’s one of my favourite words!) dreams. I don’t remember dreams often, but whenever I do it’s for a reason – either they’re very sad or very weird. My most recent one involved my lovely big sister becoming an obese school inspector… which was pretty strange because a) my big sister is very skinny in actual fact and b) she has never liked schools and would hate to work in one!

  7. I don’t remember my dreams most of the time! I do staright away when I wake up, but then they start to fade. Good idea about the dream diary though, I think I will do that! And then I could get an interpreting your dreams book! Like in Harry Potter! 🙂

  8. hehe, i love your dream, thats cool.
    I always have weird dreams, my most memorable is:
    I am back at school in the playground with my friends when the ground starts to shake, someone screams ‘earthquake’, but I turn and see a shadow and scream ‘DINOSAUR’ for standing at the end of teh field is a massive T-Rex. everyone starts screaming and panicking and the Dinosaur starts chasing us, but i notice he won’t go near the P.E block or the smelly changing rooms so I have to run around and try to get everyone to huddle into the changing rooms for safety. Really odd, don’t know where it comes from, but its a recurring dream i’ve had for years. 😀

    I keep meaning to start a dream diary, this may be the prompt i need. 😀

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