Coming soon…

It’s been an exciting day at GB HQ. We’re hatching plans to make the site bigger and better in 2012 – including new ways YOU can get involved. Check out YOUR STUFF to see what we’ve got planned. (And please be patient; we’re busy writing new books too!)

We’ve noticed lots of you readers have blogs and websites of your own. Brilliant! But please don’t use the comments here at GB to ask people to read your blog; it’s a little bit like being a guest at someone’s house and telling the host you’ve got a comfier sofa… 😉 If you’re a blogger aged between 8 and 14, go to YOUR STUFF to find out how to be featured on our special list.

15 thoughts on “Coming soon…

    • Hi O – apologies if it means you miss out! This is intended to be a list for our readers’ own blogs, and the target audience for our books ranges from 8-14. (So it should be 8-14, really – will amend the other post!) There are lots of blogs about writing written by older people, but they have plenty of other online forums they can visit and groups they can join. We love having a range of different age groups reading and replying to the site (children’s books aren’t only loved by young people), but we want to keep some sections of GHB special – and of course safe – for our readership.

  1. From now on I’ll try to promote your site on my blog instead of the other way round, so you can receive the attention you deserve. 🙂 I’m so excited about the new section to the website; I’d love to be able to share our stories with authors we admire so much (and maybe have feedback if you have time?)

    • Thanks, Georgie! Hopefully our list will send lots of readers your way too.

      We’re still working out the details of the Your Writing section, but that’s exactly what we’re hoping to do – give you a chance to reach a bigger autdience (including lots of authors!), and hopefully get some constructive feedback too. Exciting stuff; can’t wait to get started! 🙂

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