New Year… New Book… Same Old Nose

Stuck On Me

I’m excited because my new book, Stuck on Me, comes out this month. I’ve just picked up the first, shiny copies from my publisher and I can’t stop sniffing them. I love the fresh, crisp smell of new books. Don’t you?

Stuck on Me is the second book in my Camden Town Tales Series, and tells the story of Sky, who becomes obsessed with the size of her nose and with her desire to track down her absent father, who disappeared when she was eight. Her best friends don’t understand why she hates her nose so much; they can’t see anything wrong with it. But Sky believes she’s deformed and she’ll try anything to get rid of it…

Pinnochio: In my book, Sky is brutally honest in case telling lies makes her nose grow

I had the same complex when I was a teenager. My nose grew disproportionately to the rest of my features and, after my dad once thoughtlessly said, ‘Hasn’t your nose grown bigger lately?’, I became fixated. I’d cup my hands around it whenever I talked to anyone – especially boys – and I made sure my hair hung down over it. And I would never, ever, ever allow anyone to take my photo in profile. I dreamed of being old enough for a nose job, and having the money to pay for one.

I once wrote an article about using software to show what I’d look like after plastic surgery. I think I look weird with my new nose, lips and eyebrows, don’t you?

By the time I was old enough (although I still didn’t have the money), I’d grown used to my hooter. I still don’t like it but, me and my nose, we’ve reached an understanding. We tolerate each other. Yes, my nose is big, but it fits my face (my other features finally caught up) and it’s kind of useful for breathing – and for smelling shiny new books. It gives my face character. And some people – especially boys – quite like it. I’m now glad I didn’t have parents rich or shallow enough to buy me a new nose for my sixteenth birthday, like a few girls I knew. But I still won’t let anybody take my photo in profile!

Yes, I’ve got a big hooter, but I’ve stuck with it!

I’m very aware that, nowadays, there is even more pressure on girls to look ‘perfect’. I can only imagine how incredibly hard it must be if you don’t have neat features, a slim figure or sleek, straight hair. (I had – and have – gappy teeth and frizzy hair to contend with, as well as the nose.) I hope that reading Stuck on Me will help a few girls to realise that they can still be attractive even if they don’t possess ‘conventional’ beauty.

Lady Gaga has a big nose… but it hasn’t held her back

Do you or did you ever have any complexes about the way you look? How did you get over them?

47 thoughts on “New Year… New Book… Same Old Nose

  1. i hate my nose, it was alright when i was 8 or 9, but when i hit puberty it seemed to change massively. After being bullied, I got so self concious aboiut my nose that i would take pictures of it 24 7 just to see how big it was. But in actual fact, now im 14, my mum tells me, as do all my family, that my nose is fine, and that in time, it will grow properly into my features… thankk god ;D

  2. I have to live with my fingers and the fact i have cerebral palsy in them.

    Plus, my tremers since i have Epilepsy.

    I met Cathy Cassidy once i was scared to meet her incase she got angery with me as i had to sit right at the center of her talk and sheald my eyes from the lights to see her talk.

    I saw her afterwards, gave her my bracelet and said sorry. She made me feel brillent and i’ve come to know what i can and carn’t do. I’ll get by, i always do. 🙂 i like when people say to me, its what you do, its not how you do it. 🙂

    I hope, when i get my dream, i’ll help disabled people to want to reach their dreams like i did x

      • Thankyou Hilery. i hope, if you have dreams that you will achieve them, if your worryed about the way you look, don’t be. Its your soul that counts and how nice you are to others x

    • Laura, anyone would be happy to meet you – never be ashamed of the person you are! None of us are perfect (I have the same nose-issues as Hilary, amongst MANY other things!). My daughter had a form of epilepsy for some years too, so that’s something I understand a little, too. Hilary, fab post… as human beings we are full of fears, worries and doubts about our looks. Seems to go with the territory, but I wish it didn’t!

  3. I have a big nose and I’m proud of it (and have been compared to Lady Gaga!) I wrote my Lulu Baker trilogy partly because I was so fed up with the influence of celebrity culture and obsession with ‘perfection’ on younger and younger girls. When I was doing school visits themed around Lulu Baker, I used to tell the (true) story of how my mum had a nose job (to correct a deviated septum) and the plastic surgeon – a friend of a friend – offered a ‘two-for-one’ deal. As my mum only had one nose, I was offered the bargain extra nose job: I declined, and despite my jokes that in profile I resemble a cross between the Queen and Woody Allen, have never for a moment regretted it. Likewise you, Hilary, look far better as you are than in the ‘improved’ image.

  4. I have a gap in my teeth, a big nose and my hair is either lanky and eugh or frizzy and weird. But it makes me who I am, I used to worry about what people think and I won’t ever have my picture taken with my mouth open, I still smile with my lips tight together. But I accept it more now and figure that if I can’t be happy with who I am no one else will, so go with what I’ve got. God made me in his image and as my own unique person, so that should be good enough. 😀

  5. Hilary, I think you have a wonderful nose. I actually have big nose envy, I think they’re great, and somehow they make faces look more intelligent and sophisticated! My nose is quite small and buttony and when I’m photographed in profile it looks a bit like a toy comedy nose, sort of stuck on. I’ve never hated it, mainly it makes me laugh, but I do sometimes squash on the tip to make it look more roman and suave! I always think it’s such a shame when someone has a nose job, it takes away so much character. Three cheers for big, beautiful all natural noses – and for small ones too!

  6. I have a few strange features, like my pixie ears and my podgy fingers – but I focus on the things I do love about myself to counter-act the negativity, like my eyes or my freckles. You made a really good point – celebrities do sometimes have features that aren’t “classically” beautiful, but they make the most of them, just like we should!

  7. Great post, Hilaryxx
    As a teenager, I had a thing about most of my body:I worried abott my big thighs, wobbly tummy, flat chest, big shoulders. .. I still moan, but it’s OK.

    I’m proud of my waist-length hair though.. I don’t care if it is starting to go prematurely grey!

    Thanks SO MUCH to all the ‘GHB’ guys who posted on my blog last nitexx.
    Lots of love


    When I was 10 my choir at school sang at the Royal Albert Hall, with loads of other choirs! The girls from a different school, who were sitting in front of me, kept turning round and staring at me! My supposed best friends said (really loudly!) “Oh! It must be because of your huge ears”

    Doubly embarrasing as my whole choir heard…

  9. My lovely mum told me when I had a fit of nose angst at age 10 that it ‘fitted my face’ which made me feel better. She also told me that hairy legs were a sign that you were an outdoors person!
    I too have grown to love my nose (not hairy legs though!) and the only drawback is I have to drink champagne ( or cheapy fizzy wine) from vintage glasses rather than flutes

  10. I have a gap between my teeth but a fairly all right figure. I am an ‘average’ girls with an ‘average’ personality. But, as they all say, it’s not what’s on the outside, but what is on the inside.

    Catherine x

  11. Hi Hilary!
    I’ve always been quite self-concious about my long legs.
    They were always so much longer than everyone else’s and I used to get called, ‘Mummy-Long-Legs’. Wow, so original, right?!
    I’ve always been really self-concious about my freckles as well, and my face – in fact, everything!
    I always love your posts Hilary!
    PS: ELLA promised I could borrow Stuck On Me when she receives it so I will write a review of that too! Thanks, I love you ella!

  12. I love this post and I can’t wait to read Stuck on me as I’ve read the Celeb next door and find it excellent!
    My nose is kinda big, as I think some people are hinting that!

    p.s could everyone visit my blog (click on my name)!

  13. Great post Hilary! I have a big nose too and used to get really hung up about it when I was about 13 – I think the main thing for girls is that they think no one will love them as they are – but for me it’s never got in the way of me loving and being loved or living a full and wonderful life – let’s keep on telling them this! x

  14. Hi Hilary!

    Your book sounds great! I’m definitely reading it!

    I’ve got really thick bushy eyebrows, and people used to tease me abot it. I felt hurt, especially when someone said I had Mcdonalds eyebrows, jst because they join in the middle.

    Great post!

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