So farewell, 2011…

It’s the last day of the year – woohoo! Time to throw out all the old stuff you don’t need any more and make space for lovely new things to come in. For me, that means clearing out my study. For you, it might mean… brace yourself… tidying your bedroom!

I’ll be hauling all my folders and files off the shelves and having a good read through them. Notes and manuscripts I haven’t looked at for a while will be going in the bin-bag. Ditto pens that don’t work any more, dried-up pritt sticks and that mountain of scrap paper gently composting on the end of my table.

I’ll be going through my bookshelves. Books I’ve read and probably won’t read again will be going in the charity-shop bag. So will ornaments and pictures I’ve got bored of.  

There will be dust. There may be spiders. But I will be intrepid, because if you want gorgeous things to come in, you have to make space for them.

It’s not just about the physical objects. Clearing old notes and files means letting go of stale ideas and freeing your mind up to think about brand new ones.

As well as work stuff, I’ll also be pondering what I could clear out of my leisure-time to make space for new activities or more time with my friends. That may mean less TV and twitter!

Whether it’s your cupboards, your mind or your social life, a good clear-out means new stuff can come in. So say good-bye to that dear old sweater which used to be lovely but doesn’t fit any more… and good-bye, that favourite book the dog chewed the corners off… au revoir, that so-called friend who isn’t actually very nice to you…

Farewell, 2011… and hello, 2012 🙂

18 thoughts on “So farewell, 2011…

  1. Making way for the New Year for me means taking down the Christmas tree and trimmings, getting out the new calendars and diaries and checking my ‘what I’d like to achieve this year’ list. I don’t make New Year resolutions but I do think about what I’d like to achieve in the coming year and make a few notes about it. I refer to the list throughout the year ticking things I’ve managed to do and crossing off things that no longer seem important. Then, at the end of the year I check over my list and see how I’ve done. Then I make another list for the next year. It’s a great way of keeping myself on track if there’s something I really want to do, but if I don’t achieve everything on the list it doesn’t matter, I’ll roll it over until the next year.

    • Me too! I get together with a group of friends every January to discuss the challenges we set ourselves last year and set new ones for the year ahead. Oddly, we often find the big things take a bit more than a year, so challenges I set myself for 2012 might not actually get ticked off until 2014. Sharing with friends means you can remind, help and encourage each other throughout the year.

  2. Hi Guys, hope everyones going to watch the bells tonight, and fireworks. I am! I MAY have the flu but, i’ll still welcome in the new year with a smile and a new story, i hope. 😀

    I wish everyone here that they’re dreams come true next year and thankyou for helping me through this year, even though you did’nt know you were helping me survive. I love you all 🙂

    This year, i’ve met some wonderful writing friends and other friends too, meaning to say, heres a list, all of you are on the same level of awsome to me, (don’t worry):

    Luisa Plaja,
    Linda Chapman,
    Susie Day,
    Kate Maryon,
    Julie Sykes,
    Kay Woodward.

    I dunno where i’d be now without you lot, i’d possably be up in the sky with my friends, you’ve kept me well and happy and i’ll never forget that 😀

  3. i used to be a massive horder, but now i’ve come to realise that if you want your stuff to be lovely and pretty and fresh, you have to have regular ‘throw out sessions’. I stick to this all the time now, so when i was unpacking all my christmas pressies (two sacks and 2 normal sized ones :O) it was alot easier than if i’d left it all the whole year lol. My sisters completely different though, shes not here all that often, so yesterday she went through her whole room with me. And every time she does, I always gain loads of stuff shes hardly ever used, or thats in great condition. This time I gained a dress, 3 tshirts, and a really pretty makeup bag, lots of love, Leah xooxox

    • I used to be a hoarder too, and I still tend to gather stuff all year – hence my need for a massive end-of-year clear-out! My friends and I do swaps from time to time, so I get their clothes they’ve got bored of, and they get mine. Last month I got a turquoise beaded top which I wore to a publisher’s Christmas party, which was brill. Lucky you, having a big sis, Leah. Enjoy your new dress and teeshirts!

  4. Great post!

    Well, I find clearing out boring, so I normally leave that to my mum, ahem, that is…

    I think I’ll be clearing my head though. Of bad things probably, forgetting all the bad times I’ve had with my friends in the past, and just focus on the future.

    My lucky cousins are going off to see the New Year’s Fireworks…I wish I could go with them!


  5. Hikma, that’s brilliant! Clearing out your head of bad things is just the most important thing. New Year is a good time to let go of bad experiences in the past. You can’t see where you’re going if you keep looking back! Have a great 2012 🙂

  6. Happy New Year, Jenny, and lovely post! My children – well, and *I* – have appreciated your books so much this year. I think I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you again! (We’re currently listening to the audiobook of How To Get The Family You Want By Peony Pinker.)

  7. Thank you, Luisa – that’s sooooo brilliant to hear – I’m delighted your children are enjoying my books! Happy New year to all of you too 🙂

  8. Jenny!

    I’m definately looking forward to 2012 because a new year means room for more things… tipping the problems from 2011 down the past. I am making many New Year’s Resolutions and looking forward to midnight to listen and watch the fireworks x

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