Looking up

Some years ago if I happened to be looking down at my feet my aunt used to briskly say “Chin up!”   Foot in red shoe

I used to roll my eyes and mutter darkly. For a start I wasn’t miserable, I was thinking…usually about a story I wanted to write, but I wasn’t about to tell her that. It was my secret. Besides, what a silly expression. Chin up.

But then, quite by chance one day when I really WAS feeling a bit miserable I discovered that the act of looking, not at my feet but up at everything going on around me seemed to help cheer me up.

I’m not sure why. Is it because when we’re sad we tend to live inside our own heads, and find it hard to engage with the world? It’s certainly harder to remain self absorbed when we take notice of what is going on around us.

Shortly after this, my architect cousin was complaining about how few people notice things that are up high. “People walk around and only see what’s at their eye level or below,” he said. “But there’s so much that’s interesting up above eye level if you just look.”

So I tried it, and he’s right! Usually I look in shop windows, at people’s faces, or straight ahead to see where I’m going. (unless I’m looking at my feet…) But now I have a whole new world up above.

Here are some things I have recently seen by looking up high.

Ship on top of the Rijksmuseum building Amsterdam

ship mural BrusselsBig wheel at a Brussels Christmas market

So in 2012 I’m going to be lifting my chin, and my eyes, and     I’m going to be looking up. I think there may be some interesting stories to be found by doing that. I’m going to use my new camera to record the things I find. Maybe some of them might find their way into future blogs, or even future books.

What do you see and how do you feel when you look up?

15 thoughts on “Looking up

  1. I love to look up at night, to the stars. Then i know that John, Annie and my uncle are looking down at me. (hopefully their happy with how i’m living.)

    Everyone up in the sky always told me to keep going with my dream of being an Author and i’ll get there if i try so, thats what i’m doing. 🙂 i hope they’re happy and pleased with me.

  2. Just looking up from my computer to a high window ledge I see a figurine of Laurel and Hardy, a bust of William Shakespeare and my old teddy. I’m suddenly reminded of the wonderful laughter brought to us by two classic comedians from yesteryear, the brilliance of Shakespeare and a nostalgic reminder of my childhood. Now if I can just write a brilliantly funny story for kids, I’ll be happy.

  3. Looking up, we all see another world. When its daylight, we stare at the candy floss clouds skipping across the blue sky, and the sun rising up like a golden coin. When its night, we stare at the stars, twinkling like tiny diamonds scattered across the midnight sky. But very few of us stare up for inspiration.

    If we all open our minds, then we won’t just see the sky. We’ll see another world shining across towards us!!!!!

    • hey ella, how many people have entered your comp now? There are some great prizes! And all do remember to enter my competition over at http://www.rollerbladesandvintage.blogspot.com, where you can get your hands on some brill prizes. And the best part, anyone can enter, you don’t have to be of any age, and you don’t have to be a follower, but if you are, be sure to check out the rules, thanks, Leah 🙂

  4. Fab post!

    When you look up, you can see the sky, and far off into the distance, loads of houses and the sea.
    It’s really inspirational and I find looking up out of the window helps me get into the writing mood.
    Oh and I love how Shining Dragon described the sky-it’s was so beautiful!

    • Thanks, Hikma! Your right, looking out of the window gets you into a writing mood.
      And the sky really is beautiful itself, isn’t it? You juts imagine getting into your own private jet or a spaceship of some kind, and off you go, zooming across the ivory clouds and into another world. It sound like a dream come true!

    • people call me the mini-author, since I love writin my own stories. My English Teach says that my Literacy skills and imagination is among the best he’s ever seen, and my friends agree. I mostly write detailed stories for cousins, but I have started my first novel, the Daisy Andrea series.

      I hope I can stay in touch with you!!!!! 🙂

  5. Oh how you have all inspired me! Thank you so much for your great responses to today’s blog. Onwards and upwards indeed!

    I’m hoping for a very happy New Year for each one of you, filled with every good thing you wish for yourselves. And now I’m off to look at Ella and Leah’s blogs.

    Take care all while reaching for the stars.


  6. generally when i look up i trip over something. . . XD but what i see when i do look up (before the falling flat on my face part) is magnificent. it’s just plain…well, silliness really, that it has never occured to people to look up and take a moment to enjoy this amazing place rather than be totally self-obsorbed. because that’s what we tend to be like. when i look up, i see sky, i see clouds and stars and suns and moons. i see painted ceilings and murals i never knew where there, i see skyscrapers and banners and things that you wouldn’t really picture belonging in the sky. and it makes me feel good. positive. happy. and i have a funny feeling that if i look up at twelve o’clock tonight, i’ll see not just stars, and moons and clouds; i’ll see fireworks, too!

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