The last few days have been incredibly busy, so I think that the 27th December should be declared WORLD DREAM DAY.

Day Dreaming Girl

To celebrate WORLD DREAM DAY you have to spend at least half the day doing absolutely nothing. This is what we writers call working. We sit on the sofa, or lie on the bed, or on the rug in front of the fire, stare into the middle distance, and let our minds float off.

Okay, so the writing bit is important too, but if you don’t let your mind go off on its own sometimes, how will you ever think up stories?

Of course, some people might think you’re doing nothing. Your mum or dad might come along and prod you or moan at you to tidy your room – or even worse – TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL! If that happens, you must put your case quietly and confidently. You are celebrating World Dream Day, and it’s your right (Guaranteed under the International Charter of Dreamer’s Rights) not to be disturbed.

Just think, if people weren’t allowed to daydream how many great works of art would never have been created?

So indulge yourself today. Do a little daydreaming. And if you need some help to get into the mood, you might want to try some magic, aka chocolate.

Chocolate for Dreaming

If you get tired of dreaming, check out this video of the Monkees singing Daydream Believer. When I was 13 I had a huge crush on Davie Jones, the singer. (Blush!) He was kind of the Justin Bieber of the time. And guess what? I used to dream (usually when I was in Maths) that I would meet him, and he’d fall madly in love with me, and well…

Sadly, it never happened. But it was fun dreaming about it!

Have a fab World Dream Day!


Maggi    xxx

30 thoughts on “Yay! It’s WORLD DREAM DAY!

  1. Well, all I CAN do today is nothing because I’ve come down with the flu ): . And on the 30th December it is my 13th birthday, but I don’t want to be ill for THAT. Luckily, we’ve got loads of chocolates left over from Christmas, so I won’t be lonely while daydreaming(: .

    x amy-anne x

  2. For me, today is fake Christmas! I’m Jewish, so Christmas isn’t important for me, but my family and I do love to have Christmas dinner and we’re doing that today – can’t wait!!!! (My Grandma has banned me from bringing a book to her house – because last time I saw her I was reading not chatting!!!!) Anyway, I’ll still have time to daydream and do nothing!!! (I ALWAYS have time for doing nothing!!!!)
    Happy World Dream Day!

  3. Hi Maggi! It’s brill to see you posting again.

    Sorry i havin’t commented till now, HUGE day of driving today so yeah, LOTS of day dreaming done today in the back seat. 😀 (i did’nt even read this post this morning, like i normally do to celibrate this day!)

    🙂 (off now to have tea and write scenes 🙂 <3)

    • I love day-dreaming in the car. As long as someone else is driving, of course! I had a busy day too, throwing a birthday party for a friend, so I couldn’t respond to the entries till today. Glad you like the post! xxx

  4. It’s funny how teachers tell us off for daydreaming in class… I mean, it’s a good thing we’re being imaginative, right?! They should have one English lesson a week where every pupil is TOLD to daydream – it gets the creative juices flowing, for one thing!

  5. Lovely post, and merry christmas to all the girls heart bookers on here. I didn’t get a chance to come here on christmas, but now I’m going to indulge myself a little and read the crimbo posts with some choccy! And i agree with cathy! Every day should be dream day. I often find myself drifting off, dreaming about wonderful things, and story ideas… oh and i just wanted to remind you all, over on my blog: http://www.rollerbladesandvintage.blogspot.com, I’m running a competition with great prize packages. Its really simple to enter, just go on my blog and follow the rules. 4 people have entered already and its running until the 31st jan, so get yourselves over there 😀 love leah oox

  6. Definitely having one!
    I’ll be dreaming of story ideas and chocolate and maybe a cake with lovely soft cream on top like the ones in Heaven from Angel Cake…

  7. That’s a great idea that should definately be put forth the council of writers! (Surely they have one).
    What better than just lying around with chocolate and ideas for company?
    Catherine x

  8. I couldn’t agree more!!!!!! 🙂

    Daydreaming is just cover word meaning ‘work’ for writers! It gets us believing in other worlds, in other hopes and dreams. But some people think daydreaming is just a waste of space, which is certainly NOT true!!!!!

    After all, daydreaming is the key to success, the key to flourish!!

    Happy new year, everyone! 🙂

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