Festive Family Frolics

Has anyone out there still got family cluttering up the house? A Grandpa snoozing on the sofa? A little brother playing football in the lounge? Or maybe a sister chomping through some left-over chocolates? Well, it’s time to gather them all together and play some SILLY PARTY GAMES!!!

OK. Starting with my all time favourite:


You will need – a scarf, a coat, a hat, some gloves, a knife and fork, a dice and a HUGE bar of chocolate!

Sit around in a circle and put the pile of clothes, chocolate and knife and fork in the middle. The first one to throw a six with the dice has to put on all the clothes and try and eat the chocolate with the knife and fork. They can keep going until the next person throws a 6. Then, the next person takes over. Keep going until all the chocolate is eaten (or someone is sick).


You will need – paper, sellotape, a pen, some ideas, oh – and some foreheads!

Write lots of names (of characters in girlsheartbooks, film stars, politicians, cartoon characters etc), on rectangles of paper and stick them everyone’s foreheads. (They musn’t see what you’ve written!) Then, get someone to do one for you too. The game is to find out who you were by asking questions that can only be answered with a NO or a YES. Each person takes it in turns and you are allowed to keep asking questions until you get a “No”.

For example, “Do I have a very large nose?”


“Am I intelligent?”


“Am I in love?”


“Am I Jane Austen?”

“No”  (Correct answer at bottom of post)

(Next person’s turn. Keep going until everyone has guessed. Give prizes to the speediest).


(Sorry, I don’t know the official name of this one but recently I watched a writer-friend do it with style! No names … the lovely Lucy Coats )

You will need: Some after-eight chocolates. A face.

Take the after-eight out of the wrapper and, tilting your head slightly backwards, place it on your eye (like a pirate’s patch). Try and get it into your mouth without using anything other than the muscles in your face. To make this a competitive sport, you can time each other with a stopwatch. (This is very funny to watch and can be done. Trust me!)

Now, I’m going to leave it to you ….. can’t wait to hear your suggestions.

Oh, and the answer to the Sticky Head Game was of course ….. (drum roll) ….



15 thoughts on “Festive Family Frolics

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Todays a big deal for me as today, 4 years ago, my boyfriend passed away. Its abit sad for me today. I think we’re going out so, that’ll be better. Eather that or i may do some writing or watch a film 🙂

    those games look like the’re fun 🙂 hope someone plays them 🙂

  2. They’re all great games, Wendy! I especially like that After Eights one. My brother and dad are up stairs playing with his toys, oh wait no my dad has just come down fir sme well-deserved chocolate. My mum is out taking my baby brother on a walk and I was playing just dance on the Wii. In a moment we are going out on a walk so it’s all to busy for games but they all sound like great fun!
    Catherine x

  3. Great games!

    I especially love the After Eights one!

    Will be playing then as soon as possible!

    And I hope yo have a wonderful time Laura-sorry for your loss.

  4. These games all sound really fun, but I have no-one to play them with apart from my mum and dad 😦 I remember on the last day of year seven we all played the chocolate scarecrow game except no-body actually got to eat any chocolate because it was sooo hard! Another good game is the icing sugar game, or it can be called something like icing ghost. What you need is some jelly like sweets, icing sugar and a bowl. You fill the bowl with icing sugar and add the sweets and then give the other players however many seconds to dunk their head in the bowl and try and eat as many sweets as they can! You can make it easier or harder by changing the size of the bowel or how many sweets and you can also make it appeal to different holidays by changing the type of sweets in the bowel. Top tips though, use a hair band if you have long hair because it gets in the icing sugar, not hygienic and really messy! And a lot of tissues and to get the sugar off of your face! Oh and if you have a fringe like me it can get really tricky! Another game is the marshmallow game where you put one marshmallow in your mouth and say a phrase, then two marshmallows and so on until you can’t talk! The winner is the person who can fit the most in their mouth and still talk (When I played it, they won the remaining marshmallows!)
    Sorry for your loss Laura 🙂

  5. Yes the after eight one sounds cool!!!
    I’m going to try it!
    we played the sticky note one at school
    it was really funny as we could do anything not just famous people etc

    and so,me people wrote poo, pig, toilet!

    it was really funny

    I’ll comment a game a little later!

  6. Today, I…

    1) Went on THREE walks!
    2) Ate an entire chocolate orange (haha, couldn’t help myself! :D)
    3) Played Scrabble
    4) Watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    5) Wrote some potential resolutions, mainly about the environment. Have a look on my blog if you want to know all about my pledge!

  7. Today, my family went on an educutional visit to the Charles Dickens museum (and watch the Muppets Christmas Carol which they showed their!!) and tommorrow we are having a late Christmas dinner and I will persuade everyone into playing those games!!!!!!

    PS. Orli would like me to say that as she is on a plane, she will comment on this post tomorrow!!!!!!

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