It’s Christmas Eve at last.

On this day many, many years ago a lady called Mary was waiting to have a baby. She spent the day riding a donkey round a place called Bethlehem, looking for somewhere to stay.

 Nothing so dramatic for my family but never the less they will still be waiting for tonight, when hopefully Santa will come down our chimney – where he’ll find mince pies, a mug of chocolate, (next to the microwave so he can reheat it), carrots  for the reindeer and empty stockings.

Indy will be waiting too.

Waiting for Santa

Still waiting

So rather than spend all day waiting, the whole family will go on a very long walk. Hopefully we’ll come back so tired we’ll fall asleep really quickly tonight. Then Santa can nip down our chimney and fill up our stockings, without having to wait around for us.

How about you? What will you be doing today?

43 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. I shall be finishing a book! Hopefully it shall be finished by lunchtime if I start now and DON’T procrastinate for once then it’s time to make mince pies, wrap some final presents and brush the dogs (telling them NOT to bark at a large man dressed in red with a beard if they happen to see one wandering round the house at midnight – and no, reindeer do NOT make nice snacks!). Lots to eat and drink. My mum used to own a clothes shop and Christmas Eve was always really good fun, I’d got and see my pony in the morning at the stables I kept her at at and I’d do lots of fun Christmassy things with my friends there then I’d go to Mum’s shop. It would shut mid afternoon to customers but the staff all stayed on to drink wine and eat mince pies and mark up all the sale stock for the sale starting on the 27th. I was always allowed to have some wine too and it was a really festive time. Then afterwards we would go and see all my cousins and grandma and swap presents. Lovely memories! Thanks for the post, Julie! Indy looks GORGEOUS! Pepper and Simba will be very jealous of her hat… Lxx

    • Hi Linda,

      I hope your dogs don’t try snacking on Santa or his reindeer!

      Your childhood Christmas Eve’s sounded lovely.

      Hope you’re having a good one now. Enjoy those homemade mince pies;)


  2. My family will be doing cleaning jobs so that Santa can reach our tree without tripping over something and waking us all up! Then we will watch a film in the evening and then go to bed and sleep!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Being Jewish, Santa probably won’t visit me (he might though – fingers crossed 😉 ) So, today I will be having a normalish Saturday, I’m going to the theatre and to a Chanukah party. And tommorow is also normal ish. (Apart from Christmas dinner – couldn’t go without!!)

    Fab post!

  4. Hi!

    Quick explanation – this is actually Ella, typing out Orli’s comment that she texted to me when I explained the post! Orli is in Germany, visiting family, so I will be her representitive for a week!

    Ok… Orli’s comment…

    I’m in Germany, with my family, and we’ve prepared our festive meal and decorated the the tree. Everyones so excited and happy here! Tonight will be great!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I’ll be watching all the Christmas films and reading all the Christmas books and peeking out of my window in case I see a glimpse of fat guy with a long white beard wearing red with a big sack over his shoulder going ho ho ho!
    I’m going to someone’s house today to see their baby…
    And I can’t wait till Merlin today!!!
    Great post-love the waiting dog!

  6. Hi Julie!

    I’ll be writing a none festive christmas day, all day, then, i’ll have dinner, THEN, i’ll write again, read abit, listen to music, and then i’ll go to bed and asleep, hopefully i’ll get somthing this year but, moneys tight so, i’m not hoping for much, as i know times are hard this year for my family. 🙂

    Everyone, i hope you have a brill Christmas and a magical time. 😀

  7. I will be going to my local church and meeting up with my cousins who have come over from Essex. Then, at about six o’clock, we’ll go for a walk to look at all the Christmas lights x


    Secondly (!), for Christmas Eve, my mum and dad always try and tire us out relentlessly so we sleep better, so I’ll probably be off on a seven mile hike today!

    • Thanks Shakira. It took ages to get the photos. My eldest son was photographer and I was dog handler. Indy kept getting distracted and the hat kept falling off. In the end my lovely agent Pat, who trains dogs, gave me some tips for creating the perfect photo. And it worked!

      I’ll have a look at your blog shortly. Thanks for the link.


  9. HELLO THERE WORLD! girls heart books, have a wonderful christmas, loved the post btw.

    OKAY, important announcement, over on my blog:


    I am holding my first ever bumper prize giveaway.

    Anyone can enter of any age, and there are 3 brill prize packages and a highly commended prize as well…. id love it if you all entered 😀

    love leah xoxoxoxoxo

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