Woof! (That’s dogspeak for ‘Help!’)

There is a dog-shaped hole in my next book. Can you help me fill it?

You see, I don’t know anything about dogs. I – whisper it – don’t even like them very much. I know, I know, all you dog-lovers are mentally throwing Pedigree Chum at my head now. But when I was small, my uncle and aunt’s Old English Sheepdog – which was as tall as I was – bounded across the garden, knocked me flat, and pinned my shoulders to the ground to lick my face.

old english sheepdog

I seem to recall the view being something like this.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of having my face licked without a proper introduction.

Then there was the Jack Russell that attached itself to my knee by its teeth on my way home from school one day.

And the ‘he’s only playing!’ Alsatian that tried to bite my thumb off.

Essentially, my dog interactions so far haven’t been all that lovely. But when I started writing my new series Pea’s Book… there was a dog. She ran around the sofa. She wagged her tail. She was instantly as much part of the family as all the humans were. Her name is Wuffly, she’s grey and hairy and bouncy and daft and… that’s where I get stuck. Now we’re working on the cover, someone is bound to ask me what kind of dog she is – and I have no idea.

Cathy Cassidy plus dog

Here's Cathy Cassidy, still smiling while that dog eats her hand. That's how awesome she is! (I'd have legged it over those trees in the background by now.)

Please help me rescue poor Wuffly from her identity crisis! Dog-lovers: what kind of dog do you think she might be? (And my fellow dog-cowards: share your tales of woe, so I don’t feel so daft?)

39 thoughts on “Woof! (That’s dogspeak for ‘Help!’)

  1. This made me laugh Susie… not easy at this time of the morning! My dog is soft as butter & smart as… um… a not-very-smart-thing. But she is beautiful. Officially she’s a lurcher, but I believe her parentage is part kangaroo and part toilet-brush.

    My suggestion for your Wuffly… pure, thoroughbred mongrel. The perfect dog.


  2. Mongrel was my choice too but how about making her a wolf?
    My dog’s definitely a wolf. Big teeth, big ears and very wolfy breath.
    Love the photo of Big White Dog. I want one!


  3. Great post. I’m not a dog lover either, more a cat person. A dog chased after my mum when she was a kid, resulting in her losing all her front teeth, so she brought me up with a fear of all creatures of the canine variety. Although I do like wolves.

    • Your poor Mum! My sister has a fear of escalators after my Mum got her foot stuck in one once: urk.

      I’m not really a cat person, either. More a…er… goldfish person?

  4. I love dogs! Although I’m not sure what kind of dog Wuffly is… Is she small, medium, large? Floppy ears? Pointy ears? I suggest you go onto a site that has every breed of dog (it might sound like quite a bit of work) and look through until you find a match! Hope I helped 🙂

  5. How about a nice and calm Spanial? King Charles are very calm and polite, they love to play too! 🙂

    I LOVED that post! Cathy Cassidy is all together AWSOME. (i drept i met her at an event lastnight. I hope to in real-life again soon.)

  6. How big is her tail? Does it knock things off the table, or just thump gently against the floor as she happily chases squirrels in her sleep? 😉

    (My childhood beagle used to do the latter. She was a sweet, gentle, small-but-not-yappy dog, and you would have adored her. Never jumped up on people without being invited, and much too small to ever knock anyone down — although she could outrun a horse when she set her mind to it. I used to think of her as a furry bullet when she did that…)

  7. I would suggest either a Tibetan terrier or a Cairn terrier. They are both hairy and boingy and they come in grey. And they are, to me at least, absolutely wuffly.

  8. Dogs are soooo cute!! When I was little I used to be really scared of them, but now that i have cats I’m not (don’t ask what the connection is cos i don’t know!!!) My fav type of dog is GORGEOUSLY, CUTE Labradors!! They are sooooo cute!!!!

    Brill post!!
    Good luck!!
    xx 🙂

  9. Border Lakeland Terrier! Not grey, but a lovely bouncy dog with rough AND strokable fur and a fabulous little beard. Oh, and they’re about knee-high and we had one when I was… oooh, crikey, THAT long ago?

    Think Wuffly sounds TOPS.


    PS I am neither a cat nor a goldfish person, especially after the former scratched the living daylights out of me and the latter ended up on the garage roof.

    • Are they the ones that look like those stuffed ones on wheels? I’ve gone a bit dog-blind after looking up all these brilliant suggestions!

      I HAVE to know how the goldfish ended up on the roof. Mine used to try jumping out of the tank occasionally, but they were never that athletic…

      • Ha! Yes, a bit like that.

        That poor unimaginatively named goldfish… Goldie. The fish pegged it just three weeks after the fair and my dad reckoned that by casually throwing it out of the landing window, me and my sister a) wouldn’t spot it (we did) and b) the birds could have a snack, so he’d be helping the local food chain too. The next one went down the toilet, I think. 😉

  10. I like dogs, they’re ok, but if I saw a dog in the street, I wouldn’t go up to it and say, oh ur so cute or something, and I’d absolutely say NO to a dog licking me, especially on the face.
    Whenever me and my cousins are coming home from school, we always pass this shop called “BESTPARTS” and there’s this cute little white terrier who always sits on one of the display shelf, and sometimes it wears these little jackets, and we always try to spot it, we go “there’s the dog!” and fight over who saw it first!

  11. I was always a cat person but after our ancient tabby sadly died, my grown-up son got the puppy he had basically been begging me for since childhood – and suddenly I find I’m a dog-person! I hope my other son doesn’t suddenly take a liking to… rodents or reptiles. Wuffly could be any type of dog at all. I’m sure I love him.

  12. That pic of Cathy’s dog eating her hand did make me laugh, Susie. Great post. I’m a Labrador girl myself it must be said. We had a black Lab called Coco for years – I still miss her!

  13. I love dogs! I think Cathy Cassidy’s idea sounds perfect or maybe Heather’s…. I think it should be messy in a cute and fluffy way. Hope you find what you are looking for soon 🙂

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